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Celebrate England’s Legendary Patron Saint, St George’s Day, in 2024

Every April, England immerse in a festive celebration to honor their legendary patron saint. Even if history isn’t your cup of tea, you can still relish the thrilling story of the brave knight battling a fiery dragon. Are you ready then to celebrate England’s famous and mythical saint: Saint George? From lively parades and pub gatherings to medieval-themed extravaganzas, explore the history behind St George’s Day in 2024, and discover fun activities to take part in on that day in England.

From lively parades and pub gatherings to medieval-themed extravaganzas, explore the history behind St George's Day in 2024, and discover fun activities to take part in on that day in England.Image by freepik


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Who was Saint George?

The history behind St George, the beloved English icon, might surprise you! While some historians still debate if he ever existed, recent evidence suggests he wasn’t even English but rather an immigrant embraced wholeheartedly by England. Now, let’s explore what we know about the real Saint George.

As we said, Saint George’s history is the subject of ongoing debate, with more evidence backing his existence. One thing is for sure if he ever existed, he was definitely seen as a brave hero. According to Greek tradition, he was born in Cappadocia around the 3rd century and served in the Roman army. During Diocletian’s reign, George defended Christians, which resulted in his imprisonment, torture, and eventual death in 303 AD.

Despite enduring torture, he remained steadfast in his faith, earning respect even among Muslims. Finally, in 494 AD, Pope Gelasius recognized him as a saint. His legend, which includes the famous tale of slaying a dragon, spread widely across England.





Saint George’s most famous feat is his legendary conquest of a fiery dragon. Yet the tale itself wasn’t related to him until centuries after his death, it’s easy to see why the story has endured. It’s a classic morality play, a shining knight confronting a monstrous embodiment of evil. Dragons represent chaos and destruction in many cultures, making Saint George the ultimate symbol of courage and order. Maybe that’s why the legend still connects with people, it reminds us that goodness can win, even when everything seems really tough. After all, at times an inspiring legend is exactly the spark we need to rekindle our own inner hero.

Not only is he England’s patron saint, but also a revered figure among Christians, and in many countries and regions. Canada, Georgia, some regions of Germany and Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain’s Aragon and Catalonia, Turkey, and many others claim him as their protector. His patronage extends beyond geography, too. He’s the champion of soldiers, farmers, and riders, and offers solace to those battling illness.


Why Saint George? Why England Chose Its Patron Saint?

England’s patron saint isn’t simply a name; it symbolizes a legendary story deeply ingrained in the country’s history. During the Middle Ages, people were inspired by the tales of his bravery and steadfast belief, which ignited their imaginations and touched their hearts. Therefore, he became a symbol of chivalry and heroism and even entered English myths and folklore.

In addition, English monarchs saw potential in his image. For example, Kings like Edward III saw him as the embodiment of strength and bravery, qualities they aspired to and wanted their people to admire. Saint George’s reputation as a military saint who protected soldiers in battle also added to his appeal.

His image adorned banners and shields, a constant reminder of his enduring support. Finally, in 1348, King Edward III officially declared Saint George England’s patron saint. He even established the prestigious Order of the Garter in his name.

In short, though the details of Saint George are fuzzy, his lasting association with chivalry, bravery, and protection made him the perfect champion for England, a legacy that continues to be celebrated with pride today.


When Will England Observe St George’s Day 2024?

The time to honor the Patron Saint of England, St George’s Day, is typically on April 23, 2024. Despite the ongoing debate about whether he existed, people have celebrated his feast day for centuries on this date, which marks the day it is believed he died.

Think about it! Even if it’s just a story, the legend holds great appeal. Who doesn’t love the story of a brave knight fighting a scary dragon to rescue a princess? It’s a tale that makes us dream and reminds us of the bravery of being a hero. Indeed, a story to celebrate chivalry and acts of valor. So, if you’re in England on April 23rd, prepare to see red and white everywhere as folks there celebrate their heritage and the legend of St George’s flag.


What are some activities to celebrate St George’s Day?

There are plenty of activities to celebrate England’s patron saint from parades, and lively pub gatherings, to church services. St George’s Day on April 23 fills England with thrilling activities across the country and beyond with the iconic red and white cross flag taking center stage.

To celebrate England in style this April there are two fantastic St George’s Day festivals in London. First, the Mayor’s 17th annual event with live music, family fun, and tasty English treats. Expect a sea of red and white, with traditional pearly kings and queens adding to the festive atmosphere. Second, over at Wrest Park, English Heritage hosts a medieval-themed extravaganza. Watch jousting knights, cheer on St George in a dramatic dragon battle, and enjoy a weekend full of shows, games, and activities. In general, both activities offer a chance to immerse in English culture and celebrate St George’s Day!

Similarly, during St George’s Day, the Flourish Hub hosts an evening celebrating English florals with Indiebloom, a beloved eco-friendly florist. Craft stunning, seasonal arrangements using the finest British blooms, all while enjoying delicious drinks and snacks. This event is a great chance to relax, express yourself, and meet other people who love flowers. From unique arts and crafts from talented artisans, to live music, and delicious food.

What’s up for kids? At the Wantage Market Place, children can definitely have a great time doing lots of fun stuff, like meeting farm animals or even taming a dragon! Plus, they can dress up as their favorite fairy tale character, knight, dragon, or princess.


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