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#1 Tuesday Travel Tip: 5 Tips to Travel Smarter and Spend Less

Hey there fellow traveler! We are thrilled to announce that we’re gonna launch Tuesday Travel Tip, a series of blog posts on Yoho Mobile from now on to share useful travel and lifestyle tips. Get ready because we’re gathering some awesome travel advice just for you!

The world of travel is as varied as the travelers themselves. And such diversity means there’s no shortage of travel wisdom to glean. While the Yoho Mobile blog has strived to offer invaluable tips, we’re excited to start a new section to all sorts of share travel stories, insights, and discoveries. See travel from all angles with Yoho Mobile’s Tuesday Travel Tip!

In this first article, we want to talk about why it’s important to plan and save for your trips, based on our experience, and provide some tips for doing so. Let’s dive in!See travel from all angles with Yoho Mobile's Tuesday Travel Tip!

Why Saving Money While Traveling Matters?

Budgeting for your travel doesn’t mean sacrificing the fun stuff you want to do. It’s rather about prioritizing. If you can save money during your trips you certainly can make your journey more enjoyable. For starters, by being mindful of your expenses, you can extend your stay, embark on more experiences, or simply have a safety net for unexpected situations.

Sure, it sounds good in theory, but keeping track of every cent can turn into a real nightmare for quite a few of us. It doesn’t have to be stressful or hard whatsoever. It can be as simple as picking a lucky number, only with better odds.

Let us lend you a hand with a few simple ways to save money while exploring the world.


1. Plan Your Vacation Finances

Take the time to find out about food and transport costs before you go, you won't be surprised.

Back in the day, my travels were all about spontaneity. I’d pack my bag, check my bank account, and just go. Sure, I’d keep tabs on my finances, but beyond that? It was all about the adventure. Looking back, maybe a bit of budgeting wouldn’t have hurt. Traveling like this can be nerve-wracking. Before you know it, that feeling of unease settles in. And I even dropped the ball on checking out the usual costs of goods and services in the cities I was visiting. A total mess!

For that reason, I cannot stress enough that being informed can spare you from paying inflated prices or falling into tourist traps. For instance, if you take the time to find out about food and transport costs before you go, you can avoid any surprises or potential scams. Yes, even in Europe or the USA, people might use your lack of knowledge against you if they realize you’re a tourist. What’s more, it’s better to get acquainted with market prices to haggle smarter at flea markets or hotels.


2. Take Advantage of Special Offers

#1 Tuesday Travel Tip: Take the time to find out about food and transport costs before you go, you won't be surprised.Discovering great bargains for your journey comes in many forms. For starters, hunting online deals galore on websites like Groupon can be a smart idea. From dining and activities to reservations and shopping, there are discounts on pretty much anything. There are even better deals and special offers for new customers, and students. Likewise, you can find brochures with coupons for dining deals in your hotel lobby or visitor center. 

On the other hand, you can save money by booking flights ahead of time and checking out local restaurants and attractions to find affordable options. It’s best to plan your budget before you go to avoid falling into impulse buys. Stick to your budget during the trip to stay on track financially.

Double up on savings as lots of brands have loyalty programs where you can earn points and rewards. When you travel with One World Alliance, you earn points quickly and unlock a world of benefits from free upgrades, flights, hotel stays, to rental cars. Whether booking with points or staying longer, you can unlock extra discounts. Take Hilton as an example, being an Honors Silver Elite member, you can enjoy a free night when booking more than 5 nights with points.


3. Cut Costs Easily with Money-Saving Apps

#1 Tuesday Travel Tip: Eating out can eat into your travel budget unless you use Some free apps to save money.

Eating out can eat into your travel budget. Yet do not skip it or any other fun activity you’ve dreamed of doing. With some free apps, you can turn your trips into exciting adventures while saving money. In some cases, we’re talking about saving hundreds each year without missing any of the fun.

Just to mention a few, Upside can help you locate nearby gas stations where you can save a great amount compared to regular prices. Everyday users can turn regular purchases into extra cash yearly just by fueling up. Plus, it unlocks cash-back incentives at countless dining spots and supermarkets.

And then there’s Hopper, a flight app that organizes flight prices neatly on a calendar. It does the hard work for you, showing you the best days to fly for less. It’s like having a personal travel adviser in an app.

Finally, AZair takes the hassle out of deal-hunting. This simple platform has access to flights in 526 airports in 98 countries, including budget-friendly flights from top airlines. Your next adventure could be just a click away.

Find out about more money-saving apps in this article


4. Get Advice From the Locals Themselves

Don't overlook the power of talking to locals when you travel.

Don’t overlook the power of talking to locals when you travel.

When I traveled, I used to try to absorb the local vibe and that included trying to talk with locals,. After all, they’re the real experts on their land. From where to find the best deals and tastiest meals to what place is best to skip, they know better than tour guides. Most of the time, they love sharing their know-how when they see you’re sincerely interested in their way of life. Going the extra mile could mean learning a few words in their language, a simple yet meaningful gesture.

We know it’s easy, almost mechanic, to choose familiar foods, but venturing into the local food scene is not only thrilling but also saves cash. It’s best to opt for those hidden gems that offer great food at unbeatable prices. To do that, you need to mingle with the locals and ask away to skip the touristy spots and find hidden gems for authentic local cuisine.


5. Check Out Free Activities

No need to break the bank when exploring a new area!

No need to break the bank when exploring a new city! Check out Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, or any other website, travel blog, or forum for loads of freebies nearby. Scan through community calendars to catch local events. Walk around to find parks, gardens, and nature reserves, have a picnic, or enjoy the scenery. Check local event listings for free concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, and cultural performances.

Plus, if you’re bunking at a hotel, take advantage of their free guided tours, hiking adventures, or pub outings. In most big cities, you can enjoy free walking tours, but be kind and tip the guides who selflessly share their wisdom. Opt for free sights ahead of paid attractions. For example, while some museums charge $10-20, many offer free entry on select days each month.


#1 Tuesday Travel Tip: Wrapping Up

As we hinted before, we’re delighted to unveil Tuesday Travel Tip on Yoho Mobile, which will be an exciting blog series aimed at sharing invaluable travel and lifestyle tips.

We’re eager to hear from you as we assemble a comprehensive guide on the best travel tips!

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