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Best eSIMs for Traveling to France in 2024

Bienvenue à la France! You’ve come to the world’s most visited country. Excited to dive into everything France has to offer, but there’s just one problem: getting online. Then, you’re stuck between expensive roaming fees or going on a wild goose chase for a local SIM card. And let’s be real, nobody wants to start their journey in Paris by queuing in a local SIM card store. Not exactly the vibe you were going for, huh? As you want to seize every moment of your stay, we’ve taken on the heavy lifting in this article to unveil the best eSIM for France. We went the extra mile to save you valuable time in the City of Love.

In this article:

  • What is an eSIM?
  • Why You Need an eSIM for Your Trip to France?
  • Choose the Right eSIM for Your Needs
  • How to Choose the Best eSIM for France?
  • Detailed Comparison of the Best eSIM Providers for France
  • How to Purchase and Activate Your eSIM for France
  • Steps to Set Up Your eSIM for France
  • Final Recommendations for Travelers to France


What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is like a digital SIM card inside your phone. It lets you easily switch between cellular plans and carriers using software, so you don’t need a physical SIM card. This makes managing your mobile service much simpler. Imagine this: buy it online, pay once, scan a QR code, and get online as soon as you land in France.


Why You Need an eSIM for Your Trip to France?

Choosing an eSIM for your trip to Paris or any other city in France is a game changer. Unlike physical SIM cards, eSIMs can be activated instantly without needing to visit a local store. You can get connected right from the moment you arrive.

eSIM providers offer a variety of plans, from unlimited data to budget-friendly options. Plus, switching between carriers is easy—no need to swap out physical cards. This means you always get the best coverage and rates, making your travel smooth and worry-free.


Choose the Right eSIM for Your Needs

Think of eSIM data plans like travel à la carte menus, tailored to fit your needs. Whether you’re a heavy data user or need it for work-related purposes, there’s a plan for you.

To find the best eSIM data plan, there are some factors you need to consider. Ask yourself a few questions that will guide you in choosing the best plan for you. For example:

  • How much data will you need for your trip to France?
  • How long will you need mobile data?
  • Will you be sharing data with someone else or another device like a laptop?
  • Will you need to send SMSs, or can you rely on online messaging apps?
  • Do you know if your hotel or Airbnb has free Wi-Fi?

Understanding these details will make choosing an eSIM plan for your trip to France easier. But what if you’ve never tracked your data usage? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you estimate it!


How Much Data Do You Need?

Knowing your regular data usage can help you choose a mobile plan wisely. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Emails are small, around 10 kilobytes. But, emails with heavy attachments, photos, logos, and fancy signatures, could use up to 10 MB of data. In case you plan to check email while traveling, expect to use about 0.3 MB for each email.
  • Browsing doesn’t use much data because websites are optimized for fast loading. Expect to use between 5 MB and 15 MB for a whole hour of internet browsing.
  • Google Maps uses a small amount of mobile data, about 3 MB to 5 MB of data per hour. Check out our quick guide to know how much data Google Maps uses and some useful tips to save data while using it.
  • TikTok is all about videos, hence it’s more data-intensive. Each short video loads quickly and new ones keep coming. On average, being on TikTok for a whole hour can use nearly 1 GB of data.
  • Instagram uses about 100MB of data per hour. If you’re only watching Reels (which are like TikToks), it might use a bit more data.
  • Twitter uses the least data among social media since it’s mostly text-based. For a complete hour, you’d use around 5MB of data.
  • Facebook doesn’t need a lot of data either. If you spend a whole hour, you’d use around 100MB of data.
  • YouTube at the lowest quality (144p) uses between 30 MB and 90 MB per hour. For medium quality (720p), it’s 1.2 GB to 2.7 GB per hour. But, the best quality (4K or 8K), it’s 9 GB to 22 GB per hour.
  • Netflix uses about 1 GB per hour for standard definition and up to 3 GB per hour for high definition.
  • Spotify music streaming uses around 350MB per hour.


How to Choose the Best eSIM for France?

Using an eSIM during your travels is meant to be simple, however, you’ll need to do some research. We’ve been there, and done that, to give you some key factors to consider before jumping to buy your France eSIM.

Network coverage

Having great network coverage is crucial for your eSIM to work effectively. Without it, your eSIM won’t be very useful. As you travel, your eSIM automatically connects to the strongest network available, ensuring reliable coverage. In the rare cases that it is not good enough, you can switch to a better network manually. However, given that eSIM providers often partner with local carriers, the local option might not be the optimal choice for your destination. So, opt for a provider that not only delivers value for money but also partners with trustworthy carriers for a stress-free experience.

Prices and plans

When choosing an eSIM for France, a key aspect is the cost and the range of plans available. It’s smart to look for the best deals to save money. While there are many cheap plans available out there, remember what they say not all that glitters is gold. Caution is of the essence. Take some time to research and check user reviews on reliable sites like Trustpilot to make informed decisions.


Before rushing to get the greatest deal, make sure your Android or iPhone supports eSIM. To break it down further, here’s a detailed list of eSIM-compatible devices in France.

Customer service

Having reliable customer service is crucial when using an eSIM in France. You should choose a provider with 24/7 customer support, preferably through online chat or WhatsApp, to avoid delays with emails or chatbots. This ensures you get help quickly if any issues arise while you’re abroad.


Detailed Comparison of the Best eSIM for France

Brand Days GB/plan Unlimited data Hotspot Top-up Price Support Trustpilot
Yoho Mobile 7/ 10/ 15/ 30 1/ 3/ 5/ 10 Yes Yes Available $4.50 – $63 Online chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️
Airalo 7/ 15/ 30 1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ 10/20 No Yes Available $4.50 – $36 WhatsApp 2.4⭐️
Holafly 5/ 7/ 10/ 15/ 20/ 30/ 60/ 90 Unlimited data Yes No Available $19 – $99 Online chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️
Nomad 7/ 30 1/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 15/ 20 No Yes Available $6 – $33 Email 4.4⭐️
Orange 7/ 14/ 28 1/ 12/ 30/ 100 No Yes Available $5.40 – $54 7/7 Online chat, Email 1.2⭐️


Overview of Leading eSIM Providers

When choosing an eSIM data plan, it’s always smart to weigh the pros and cons of different providers.

Airalo‘s plan for France, Bonbon, offers cheap prices and options tailored to various data needs, making them a versatile choice for travelers in France. However, they do not provide unlimited plans, which can be a drawback for heavy data users. Most importantly, their user satisfaction score on Trustpilot is the lowest of them all.

Holafly, on the other hand, exclusively offers unlimited data plans. These plans come with various validity periods starting at 5 days, but they tend to be pricier. While this can be great for those who need constant Internet access, it may not be the most cost-effective choice for everyone. Although their plans are the most expensive on the list, they don’t allow data tethering with other devices —a real deal-breaker for families. Nevertheless, Holafly’s customer support is reputed to be responsive, which is a plus.

Nomad, at last, offers data plans starting at 1GB, but limited to either 7 or 30 days, with no middle options. This lack of flexibility can be inconvenient for some travelers. Like Airalo, Nomad does not offer unlimited plans and their support is available only through email, which is a clear downside.

Orange Holiday Europe is one of the largest and most reliable mobile operators in France, offering high-speed plans with up to 100GB of data. It also includes a French phone number and supports data tethering, making it a convenient option to consider.

In summary, Airalo’s Bonbon offers cheap and flexible data plans for France but lacks unlimited options. Holafly’s unlimited data is great for heavy users, though it comes at a higher cost and with limitations on data tethering. Nomad offers basic and affordable plans but with limited customer support and no unlimited options. Orange, however, stands out with great network coverage, high-speed data up to 100GB, and a French phone number. Taking into account these aspects can help you choose the best eSIM provider based on your specific travel and connectivity needs.


Which is the Best eSIM for France?

Once check this detailed comparison chart of the top eSIM providers in France, it becomes clear that Yoho Mobile takes the lead for several reasons.

Yoho Mobile stands out with its variety of plans, including some with unlimited data options, and excellent customer service. Partnering with the major carrier Bouygues, Yoho Mobile provides LTE speed (4G) connectivity. One of their most attractive offers is 10GB of data for $21.17, which breaks down to a highly competitive $2.11 per GB.

Data Price Price/ GB
1 GB $4.50 $4.50
3 GB $8.45 $2.82
5 GB $12.43 $2.49
10 GB $21.17 $2.12

Likewise, Yoho Mobile’s unlimited data plans for France start at just $26 for 7 days, a rate that undercuts many competitors. For longer stays, their 30-day data plan ensures users won’t need to recharge the eSIM frequently, making it a convenient choice for those staying in France for a month. Yet, you always have the option to top up your data and it does not require identity verification.

Overall, Yoho Mobile’s affordability, flexibility, and user-friendly service make them the top choice for eSIM travelers in France.


How to Purchase and Activate Your eSIM for France

A step-by-step guide to buying an eSIM for France:

1. Go to Yoho Mobile’s France eSIM page.

2. Choose the desired data plan that fits your needs (e.g., 1GB, 5GB, unlimited).

3. Click on the “Add to Cart” button.

4. Proceed to the checkout page, fill in your details, and complete the payment.

5. You will receive a QR code and instructions via email after the purchase.


Steps to Set Up Your eSIM for France

Before diving in, it’s advisable to double-check these aspects:

  • Check if your device is eSIM-compatible and carrier-unlocked.
  • Have the QR Code on another device, or printed to scan with your phone camera.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet from start to finish.


Once you check them all, then go ahead and follow these guidelines:

1. Install the eSIM: Follow the on-screen instructions to add the eSIM to your device. Install your eSIM a day before your trip and activate it during your flight or upon arrival.

1.1. Install via QR code if you have the code on another device. Opt for manual installation if you can’t scan the QR code.

1.2. Select the device on which you are going to install an eSIM (iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel) and follow the instructions for each device, if you face problems during the process, contact the support team.

2. Activate the eSIM: Once installed, activate the eSIM in your phone’s settings.

3. Enjoy seamless connectivity in France! You are now ready to use your Yoho Mobile eSIM for seamless connectivity in France.


Final Recommendations for Travelers to France

When traveling to France, opting for an eSIM ensures you stay connected from the moment you land. Choose an eSIM and you won’t have to deal with physical SIM cards or finding local stores. Popular eSIM providers like Yoho Mobile, Airalo, and Holafly offer data plans tailored to different needs and budgets. When choosing a plan, consider how much data you’ll need and how long you’ll be staying. Make sure you follow the simple setup instructions provided by your provider. Have a fantastic time in France!


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