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What Is An eSIM Card And How Do They Work

Ditch the tiny tray and say hello to the future: eSIMs! You’ve likely heard of them a million times, but somehow it’s in a tangled mess for most people. Odds are you’re intrigued by their potential but confused about what is an eSIM card, how they work, or how to get started. Let’s clear up all the confusion (or at least try by all means) and set you on your way.

YohoGuide 101: What Exactly Is An eSIM Card?

eSIM, short for “embedded SIM”, is a tiny chip built in directly within a device like a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. The key difference from a traditional SIM card which you can stick in and out, is that an eSIM is fixed to the device’s circuit board. It holds subscriber information and connects your device to networks, without needing a physical SIM card.

eSIM, short for embedded SIM, is a tiny chip built in directly within a device like a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

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How Does An eSIM Work?

You’re now familiar with what an eSIM card is, let’s explore then how they are made to work.  An eSIM mission is to ditch the old SIM card and replace it with a digital chip fixed directly to your device. This chip acts like a blank canvas, ready to be programmed with cellular plans from your carrier. You can switch carriers or add a new data plan simply by downloading an app and following a few simple steps. No doubt, it’s a digital approach that frees up valuable space inside your device. Likewise, it allows manufacturers to explore sleeker designs or pack in more powerful features. 

Let us illustrate this with a practical example. You are on a trip abroad with your device which happens to be an iPhone. You now do not need more fumbling with tiny trays or worrying about losing a piece of plastic. If you are an eSIM user, you just need to scan a QR code, choose a tailored plan to avoid roaming fees, and then you’re easily connected! No need to say, you can explore the world smarter, and stay worry-free about data charges eating into your vacation budget.


There are countless eSIM providers available, but one stands out for its excellent pricing and high user satisfaction: Yoho Mobile (check out what their users think here)

With Yoho, you can explore the world and stay connected without worrying about a hefty roaming cost, thanks to its affordable data plans that let you call, text, and browse just like you would at home.


How Can eSIMs Improve Your Life?

eSIMs open up endless possibilities in a world that’s even more connected. These are just a few of the advantages of using an eSIM during your travels:

Travel smarter and lighter

Visiting a busy SIM card store or searching for one at the airport is not part of anyone’s vacation plan. Especially when you can easily switch to an eSIM and download a new data plan straight to your phone and be online in seconds.

Dual SIM done right

Juggling separate SIM cards for work and personal life is something from the past that we should leave behind. eSIMs let you keep the two active on the same phone, so you do not need to carry two devices like in the old days. In addition, switching between data plans from different carriers is a simple tap-and-go affair.

Higher security level

In case you’re worried about your data falling into the wrong hands, eSIMs offer superior security standards to SIM cards. Specifically, your info is stored within a secure chip on your phone, which makes it harder to steal or tamper.

IoT Got Easier

We often associate eSIMs solely with phones, but they’re breaking boundaries beyond that now. From smartwatches and trackers to even smart glasses, new smart devices can benefit from this tech.

Embrace the Green

eSIMs are an inherent eco-friendly choice. By replacing physical SIM cards with digital eSIM, we can reduce plastic waste and preserve valuable resources for humankind. Similarly, eSIM profiles can be remotely deactivated and reactivated on new devices which extends the lifespan of existing hardware.

SIMs open up endless possibilities in a world that's even more connected.

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What Device Is Compatible With eSIMs?

Nowadays, phone makers integrate eSIM technology into pretty much every phone on the market, including the latest iPhones and Samsung devices. Even some tablets and smartwatches, like Apple Watches and iPads, use eSIM.

In general, over 200 devices support eSIM tech, is yours one of them? Check the full list here.


How To Get Started With eSIMs?

As we mentioned earlier, Yoho Mobile focuses on travel eSIMs, whether you’re on a quick weekend trip or a backpacking adventure, staying connected is easy and affordable. For instance, for family trips, you can just share your eSIM data connection as needed. Visiting several countries? No problem! Yoho offers several regional plans that work across borders. So, get ready to experience mobile freedom with Yoho Mobile in 5 steps:

1. Go to the Yoho Mobile site.

2. Choose your preferred eSIM plan according to your data needs.

3. Follow the instructions on how to install your eSIM.

4. Verify it’s activated and online (In case you encounter any issues, here’s a quick troubleshooting guide)

5. Enjoy your seamless connectivity throughout the world!

What Exactly Is An eSIM Card And How Do They Work?

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