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What is an eSIM for iPhone?

iPhone displaying eSIM activation screen

We live in a busy world where convenience is king. Every day, life becomes more digital, and the need for sophisticated and flexible technology is more evident than ever. One such example is the eSIM, which offers a range of advantages for modern smartphones including the iPhone. In this article, you will find an eSIM guide with special regard to its benefits for iPhone users.


In this article:

How does eSIM Work on iPhones?

An eSIM integrates into your iPhone all the functionalities of a physical SIM. This information can be remotely rewritten by your carrier with just a few taps. Besides, you can change your entire data plan or provider as well. In other words, an eSIM allows your phone to use multiple carriers at a go, making it very versatile. This versatility can be especially useful when navigating new locations like Rome, Barcelona, or Paris.


What are the Pros and Cons of eSIMs on iPhones?

iPhone eSIM benefits illustration

Advantages of Using an eSIM


Do you want to know the coolest thing about eSIMs? You won’t need any more clunky hardware changes for new numbers or carriers! You can do all of that with ease and without changing any physical SIM cards. This is especially helpful for those who deal with both personal and business phone numbers or travel often.

Travel Benefits

This is a boon when traveling, as you could easily switch to a local carrier to avoid expensive roaming fees. Fortunately, most providers offer short-term eSIM plans for travelers. As a result, you can activate them well before or upon arrival, ensuring seamless connectivity during international trips.

Environmentally Friendly

eSIMs do not use physical SIM cards, which greatly reduces plastic use. Therefore, eSIMs contribute to environmental conservation. This is a small but important step toward more ecological technology.


The eSIM is built into the hardware, saving space in the device. This feature is a clear advantage for eSIM manufacturers that can help make their designs thinner and more elegant in upcoming models.


Disadvantages of an eSIM 

Carrier Support

At the moment, not all carriers support eSIM technology. It’s always wise to find out if your carrier offers services through eSIM.


New technology always has its twists. You could find issues during activation or changing plans. However, eSIM providers usually fix these issues promptly.

Device Compatibility

Most new models support eSIM cards, but some do not and there is nothing to do about it for now.


What iPhone Supports eSIM?

Most recent models are designed with eSIM technology. In the following list you will see those with such functionality:

By the way, if you happen to own one of these models, you can now take advantage of eSIM technology. Eventually, most new models will come ready to support this technology as it becomes the standard.


Practical Tips for iPhone eSIM Users 

Traveler using an iPhone at airport

As you have seen, eSIM technology makes life easier. It’s great for iPhone users who prefer convenience and adaptability, especially if you manage multiple profiles, travel frequently, or seek mobile organization in your life. Of course, before switching, you should check your iPhone eSIM compatibility. Once confirmed, you can activate your eSIM using your carrier’s instructions.

If you are considering making the move, eSIM technology is already available with Yoho Mobile. They offer attractive plans and support while you’re on the move. So, check them out and let your iPhone have a full-on experience.

iPhone showing Yoho Mobile eSIM logo


What is an iPhone eSIM?

Your iPhone’s eSIM is like a virtual SIM card that lets you activate a data plan without a physical card. So, it’s very flexible and convenient. This is especially valuable for people who need to change carriers often or are always on the road. This convenience is most valued when visiting places with unique events like the Japan Cherry Blossom Season.

How do I activate an eSIM on my iPhone?

To activate an eSIM, you will need to scan a QR code provided by your carrier or use their app. If you follow the instructions that the provider sends to you, then within 5-7 minutes your eSIM should be active.

Can I use a physical SIM and eSIM with my iPhone from Apple?

Yes, most newer models of iPhones support this feature, allowing you to use both a physical SIM card and an eSIM at the same time. So, it’s handy when you want to keep your personal and work numbers on the same device.

Is it safe to use eSIM in iPhone?

You’re more secure with an eSIM. The technology offers the same level of security and encryption as traditional SIM cards, ensuring the safety of your data and connectivity.

What happens if I lose my iPhone with an eSIM?

If you lose your iPhone with an eSIM, you should contact your carrier as soon as possible. This way, they can deactivate the eSIM, preventing anyone else from using your device. You can also use the Find My iPhone feature to locate your device and remotely erase its data

Can I change carriers with an eSIM?

Switching carriers with your eSIM is easy. Again, just contact your new carrier to get a QR code or download their app. This will keep your service without the need for a new physical SIM card.

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