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Celebrate Victoria Day 2024: The Unique Holiday From Canada

Why is Canada the only country in the world that celebrates Victoria Day?

At first, it was just a provincial celebration, however, it later became a national holiday when Canada unified. Indeed, This special day is meant to celebrate British Queen Victoria’s birthday and her efforts to shape Canada into the country it is today. While its meaning has changed over time, for Canadians, Victoria Day is a time to enjoy the arrival of spring with colorful festivities after a long harsh winter. Keep reading to discover all about Canada Victoria Day in 2024!

Why is Canada the only country in the world that celebrates Victoria Day?Image by freepik

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What is Victoria Day in Canada?

Victoria Day, a Canadian public holiday, honors Queen Victoria’s birthday and marks the unofficial start of summer. Celebrations date back to the 17th century when Canadian regions held feasts and military displays to honor the monarch’s birthday.

Interestingly, Queen Victoria’s birthday wasn’t always a fixed holiday in Canada. Initially, it was a provincial holiday in 1845, it became a national celebration in 1867 after Canada united. Today, Victoria Day is observed on the Monday before May 25, featuring parades, fireworks, barbecues, and outdoor activities, reflecting both historical significance and modern traditions.

Since the 17th century, Canadian regions have celebrated the birthdays of French and British royals.Image by freepik

In the newly united Province of Canada, the government aimed to bring together English and French Canadians. They decided to make Queen Victoria’s birthday a shared public holiday, which everyone could celebrate as one nation. This decision fostered national unity and loyalty to the British Crown, which was seen as a core aspect of Canadian identity, unlike in the United States. The monarchy was even viewed as a protector of minority rights within the colony. In 1845, the Queen’s birthday changed from a military event to a public holiday, making it Canada’s oldest official holiday.


When is Victoria Day Celebrated in 2024?

Victoria Day in 2024 will be celebrated on Monday, May 20th. Originally tied to Queen Victoria’s birthday on May 24th, the holiday now takes place on the Monday before the last one in May, ensuring Canadians enjoy a long weekend.


Why does Victoria Day Fall on Different Dates Each Year?

Victoria Day might seem to jump around on the calendar, but there’s a reason for it.

Initially fixed on May 24th, Victoria Day’s date was adjusted in 1952 to ensure a long weekend. It is now celebrated on the last Monday before May 25th. This change not only ensures Canadians get to enjoy a long weekend but also marks the start of summer festivities for the nation.


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Is Victoria Day a holiday in Canada?

Yes, Victoria Day is a federal Canadian public holiday. It honors Queen Victoria, who reigned during Canada’s Confederation. Initially a tribute to her birthday, the holiday has evolved into a celebration marking the unofficial start of summer. Canadians nationwide enjoy festivities such as family barbecues, parades, and fireworks.


Why Canada Celebrates Victoria Day?

Canada celebrates Victoria Day to honor Queen Victoria’s role in the country’s history. Her support for the Confederation helped unify the provinces under the British Crown, laying the groundwork for modern Canada.

One can say the origins of Victoria Day are strongly tied to this British monarch. Indeed, Queen Victoria was the queen for more than 63 years and played a key role in Canada becoming a country by giving her approval and appointing the first senators. After she died in 1901, the date shifted to the preceding Monday after her death and became Victoria Day. 

In short, the holiday now serves as both a tribute to her and a reflection on Canada’s historical journey.


Victoria Day Traditions and Celebrations

Queen Victoria Day marks the start of summer in Canada, a chance to shed winter coats and embrace outdoor fun. It is also marked by local traditions and activities that celebrate Canadian culture and the arrival of summer. Many communities have fairs with rides, games, and food stalls. There are also historical reenactments and ceremonies to honor Queen Victoria’s legacy.

The holiday weekend is filled with classic Canadian traditions, such as dazzling fireworks lighting up the skies in major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Parades, especially the vibrant one in Victoria, British Columbia, the city named after the honored Queen, display community spirit through decorated floats and marching bands. In Ottawa, the Canadian Tulip Festival adds a colorful touch when fireworks paint the night sky.

Victoria Day isn't just about history; it's a celebration of Canada's vibrant and diverse spirit.Image by freepik

Garden parties are a popular tradition where families and friends come together to enjoy spring flowers. Warmer weather beckons Canadians outdoors for barbecues and picnics, to savor classic Canadian dishes, such as poutine, maple syrup treats, and fresh seafood. Public parks and beaches host outdoor concerts featuring local artists, creating a sense of community. Many Canadians also take this long weekend as an opportunity for short trips to cottages or national parks, engaging in activities like hiking, fishing, and boating.

Victoria Day isn’t just about history; it’s a celebration of community, nature, and the start of warmer weather, reflecting Canada’s vibrant and diverse spirit.


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