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What is an SM-DP+ Address? A Quick Guide

Mobile tech is always changing, and eSIMs are shaking up how we connect. That’s where the SM-DP+ address comes in—it’s like the heart of eSIMs. Everyone using eSIM needs to understand what it does and its importance for activating your eSIM.

Activating eSIM with SM-DP+ address on smartphone

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What is an SM-DP+ Address?

An SM-DP+ address, or Subscription Manager Data Preparation, is essential for eSIM technology. It connects your device to your service provider’s server, allowing you to download and activate your eSIM profile safely and efficiently. In simple terms, it ensures your eSIM is correctly set up on your device so it can connect to your network provider.

SM-DP+ address connecting server and smartphone

How Does the SM-DP+ Address Work?

The SM-DP+ address is a secure server that stores and manages eSIM profiles. When you activate an eSIM on your device, it securely delivers the eSIM profile to your device, ensuring that all necessary authentication and encryption protocols are followed to prevent unauthorized access. The server also lets you switch between network operators easily and handles errors to ensure a smooth activation process without data corruption.


Why is the SM-DP+ Address Important for eSIM Activation?

The SM DP address is crucial because it ensures the safety and proper setup of eSIM profiles. Without these addresses, an eSIM cannot communicate with its designated server, which typically belongs to the respective service provider. As a result, eSIM activation is impossible. Also, these eSIM profiles are transmitted through secure connections, keeping eSIM data integrity, and ensuring that services run smoothly and securely.

SM DP address importance in eSIM activation

Steps to Locate Your SM DP+ Address

Finding the SM DP address may vary depending on your device or provider. However, there are some general methods.

Where to Find the SM-DP+ Address on Android?

First, make sure you are connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi. Then, navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > eSIM Profiles.

Service Provider Information: Usually, when you request an eSIM, the service provider sends you an email or a message containing the SM-DP+ address.

Where to Find the SM-DP+ Address on iPhone?

Open the Settings on your iPhone, and navigate to Cellular > Add Cellular Plan. If you already have an eSIM plan, the details, which include the SM-DP+ address, should be accessible.

How to get help from a service provider? Similar to Android, sometimes the quickest way to get the info you need is to ask your provider.


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Service Provider Dependency

The SM DP+ address is exclusively provided by your service provider. So, you can’t complete the eSIM activation process without this address. You’ll get this information when adding an eSIM, and make sure you keep it private. Safeguarding this data is essential for the correct functionality of your eSIM.


Manual Activation Using SM-DP+ Address

If the automatic setup using a QR code fails, you can set up your eSIM manually. Here’s how:

  • Get your SM DP address and Activation Code: Contact your network operator to acquire this information.
  • Set up your eSIM: Open your device’s eSIM settings. On an iPhone, this is at Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan. On Android devices, the process is similar. You will need the SM DP address from your service provider and the activation code. You can directly consult with an Apple specialist for assistance.
  • Complete the Activation: Follow the directions on your device to finish the activation process.

Manual eSIM activation

Example SM-DP+ Address

To help you understand better, here is an example of what an SM DP address might look like: sm-dp+.example.provider.com

While the format may vary depending on the service provider, it typically follows this structure.


Benefits of Using an SM-DP+ Address

SM-DP+ address is essential for modern, digital mobile connectivity. Here are some benefits of using it:

  • Enhanced Security: Keeps your data safe by securing eSIM downloads and installations.
  • Easy Activation: It makes eSIM activation simple by allowing automatic profile downloads, so you don’t need physical SIM cards or manual setups.
  • More Flexibility: Easily switch between mobile carriers and plans without changing physical SIM cards.
  • Remote Provisioning: This allows network operators to manage eSIM profiles remotely, so you don’t have to do anything.
  • Global Compatibility: Works with many devices and carriers worldwide, ideal for frequent travelers.



The key to using eSIMs starts with knowing what an SM-DP address is and how it works for activation, whether on Android, iPhone, or with providers like Lycamobile, T-Mobile, or Yoho Mobile. Knowing where to find and use this address ensures smooth and safe eSIM usage. Thanks for following this guide. Now, confidently manage your eSIM profiles and enjoy the benefits of this advanced mobile tech.



What is an SM DP address?

An SM DP address serves as a connection point between your device and the service provider’s server. It facilitates the setup and activation of eSIM profiles by linking your active device to the provider’s server.

How can I get the SM DP address on my Android phone?

Usually, your service provider gives the SM DP address. You can find it under Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > eSIM Profiles.

Where to find the SM-DP+ address on iPhone?

On your iPhone, you can find the SM DP address by going to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan. Several details will be displayed, including the SM DP address.

Can I manually load the eSIM with an SM DP address?

Yes, you can manually load the eSIM with an SM-DP+ address. To do this, you’ll need to enter both the SM-DP+ address and the activation code provided by your service provider. Then, you’ll enter these details in the settings section of your device.

What do I do if I can’t find my SM DP address?

If you can’t find your SM DP+ address, contact your service provider for assistance. They will provide you with the necessary details to activate the eSIM.

Why is the SM DP address important for eSIM activation?

The SM DP+ address is crucial for eSIM activation because it links the user’s device to the service provider’s server, enabling the secure transmission and management of the eSIM profile.

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