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eSIM vs Nano SIM card: Which Is Better?

The tech-savvy eSIM vs the good-old Nano SIM? Certainly, the two options have their pros and cons. eSIMs, the latest tech, are integrated directly into your phone, allowing for thinner designs, improved security, and more features. Nano SIMs, on the other side of the spectrum, are the current standard and can be more convenient in some situations.

So, when it comes to eSIM vs Nano SIM, which one suits your traveling lifestyle best? Let’s weigh the options to help you find your perfect fit!

Considering the tech-savvy eSIM vs the good-old Nano SIM for your travels?

eSIM vs Physical SIM: What You Shouldn’t Miss


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What is a Nano SIM card?

Nano SIMs are the latest gen of SIM cards. These chips are made to be small, which is critical in the tech and mobile world right now. That specific feature also allows manufacturers to make thinner, more compact phones that are convenient for traveling, albeit slightly lagging behind eSIMs in this regard. But the real upper hand of Nano SIMs is beyond aesthetics. The clearer advantage of a Nano SIM is its widespread usage within a vast array of devices.

Nano SIMs are the latest gen of SIM cards.Image by macrovector on Freepik


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Is Nano SIM the Right Choice For You?

Nano SIMs are still among the most popular options due to their solid advantages, even as newer eSIM tech is gaining ground. Let’s explore these benefits to see if a Nano SIM aligns with your travel needs.



What Are the Downsides of Nano SIM cards?


Is eSIM better than Nano SIM?

Are eSIMs a life-made-easier tech or just an overhyped trend? Time to talk about the famous eSIM tech to figure out if it lives up to the hype! But first, what exactly is an eSIM and how do they work? Discover the intricacies of it in our easy-to-understand guide. 

In short, eSIMs offer a shortcut into a future of streamlined connectivity, security, and convenience.  Yet it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons objectively.


What are the disadvantages of eSIM vs Nano SIM?

While eSIMs offer convenience and new innovative features, there are some challenges to consider compared to traditional Nano SIMs.


Interest in eSIM? Here’s How to Get Started Today

Starting with eSIM couldn’t be easier thanks to Yoho Mobile. Launched in 2022, they offer affordable data plans that work in many countries thanks to their 30+ carrier partnerships. But they’re not just about data – they care about the environment and helping people in need. They even give away free data in disaster areas! Here’s how to get started with Yoho Mobile today!

Starting with eSIM couldn't be easier thanks to Yoho Mobile

1. First of all, Check Your Phone:

    • Make sure your phone (like iPhone or Samsung) can use eSIMs (check Yoho Mobile’s list)
    • If your phone is locked (mostly happens in North America), unlock it from your carrier.

2. Choose Your Plan:

    • Pick a plan for your destination (single country or region).
    • Consider data amount and trip length (e.g., 1GB for a week vs. unlimited for a month).

3. Set Up Your eSIM:

    • Buy online before you travel.
    • Scan a QR code or enter details (activate 1 day before with Wi-Fi).
    • Follow Yoho Mobile’s guide for iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel.

4. Activate Your eSIM:

    • Once you’re in the destination country, activate the eSIM.
    • Check your phone settings to confirm Yoho Mobile eSIM is active.

5. Simply, Enjoy Your Trip!

    • Stay connected with Yoho Mobile eSIM with absolutely no roaming fees!
    • You can still use your regular phone number for calls/texts (check with your carrier for fees).
    • Check data usage in your Yoho Mobile account.
    • Share your data connection with others using Mobile Hotspot.


Need help? The Yoho Mobile team is available 24/7


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