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A Top eSIM for North America? This Is Your Best Bet

Visiting North America soon? This continent of diverse landscapes, from icy glaciers and lush rainforests to towering skyscrapers, is a dream for any adventurer.  But, how can you stay connected while exploring the continent and capture those great moments? With an eSIM that covers North America, that means Canada and the USA! Indeed, an eSIM offers a modern and flexible way to stay connected and share your incredible journey!

However, finding the right eSIM feels overwhelming like deciphering a sign in a foreign language. Hey, worry not, fellow globetrotter! We understand that every traveler has a unique style. Are you a data-devouring adventurer who livestreams and posts last-minute updates? Or maybe a more casual explorer who just wants to stay close to loved ones and access maps occasionally?

A reliable and flexible eSIM is there, perfectly suited to your travel personality. We’ve tested countless providers and found the ideal match for the majority of adventurers’ profiles. One eSIM that is flexible and budget-friendly at the same time. Read on to discover which eSIM will become your trusty travel buddy from now on! Or jump straight to the best eSIM for North America (Canada + the USA).

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What Is Yoho Mobile And What’s the Story Behind Them?

This startup from Singapore launched in 2022, tackles two pressing issues: reducing environmental impact and making connectivity more affordable. The founders come from diverse backgrounds and offer decades of expertise in sectors like business, tourism, finance and travel. Their journeys included travels to over 50 countries underscoring the need for a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient solution. They found their common passion and for that reason they brought to life a company that sees eSIM tech as pivotal, believing it to be the future of communication.

This startup from Singapore launched in 2022, tackles two pressing issues: reducing environmental impact and making connectivity more affordable.


Why Choose Yoho Mobile Instead of Other eSIM Providers?

Yoho Mobile partners with over 30 carriers to offer the best possible rates in 190+ countries, keeping you online wherever your travels take you. But Yoho Mobile goes above and beyond just being a budget-friendly data provider. They’re a company with an environmental conscience, prioritizing sustainability and even offering free eSIM data in areas hit by disaster. Likewise, as a member of the GSMA, they advocate for making mobile experiences affordable and accessible, so everyone can stay connected anywhere in the globe.


Yoho Mobile North America eSIM: Your USA & Canada Travel Buddy

Yoho Mobile eSIM plans for North America boast extensive network coverage, so you can be sure to have reliable data wherever your travels take you in the continent, from bustling cityscapes in the USA to scenic countryside in Canada. Their user-friendly app and website make setting up an eSIM a breeze and avoid the need to visit a store. Plus, with 1 million+ satisfied customers globally, Yoho Mobile is a trusted choice that offers peace of mind on your adventures.

Why pay for costly roaming fees when you have an option like Yoho Mobile? It can be your front ticket to stay online without emptying your wallet. They’ve teamed up with major carriers like Bell and Telus in Canada, and AT&T in the U.S. to provide users with high-speed data plans that tap right into their networks.

Yoho Mobile eSIM plans for North America boast extensive network coverage, so you can be sure to have reliable data wherever your travels take you in the continent, from bustling cityscapes in the USA to scenic countryside in Canada.Image by freepik

Pick a data plan that aligns with your trip length, with options ranging from 15 to 30 days. Data amounts vary from 1GB up to unlimited at a budget-friendly $7.60. The good news is most travelers won’t need a massive data package. For daily travel essentials like using maps, browsing, and staying social, a plan between 3GB and 10GB is usually more than enough. That can save you some cash to spend on those must-have souvenirs or delicious local eats!


What Exactly Is An eSIM Card And How Do They Work?



Yoho Mobile lets you activate your eSIM in a flash. In fact, the whole process takes just minutes and frees you from the hassle of visiting a store and waiting in line. But that’s not all, it can keep you online nonstop with easy topups. Yoho Mobile’s eSIM is the perfect travel buddy for staying connected without any of the usual frustrations.

Unlike other providers that leave you stranded with loads of instructions and endless setup guides, Yoho offers a rather simple and user-friendly experience. Their intuitive plans are easy to understand, so you can ditch the paperwork and get online fast. Plus, their reputable customer service has rave reviews on Trustpilot (4.6 stars out of 5), with multilingual agents available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have via chat or WhatsApp. Make your life much easier and switch to Yoho Mobile for your next journey!

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North America eSIM (USA and Canada) FAQs Answered


Are eSIMs Secure for Travelers Heading to North America?

They’re definitely secure! These digital SIM cards use the same advanced encryption method as physical SIMs to keep your info safe. Plus, with an eSIM, you skip the hassle of carrying a spare SIM card or worrying about losing it during your travels.

Why Use An eSIM When There’s Free Wifi?

Public Wi-Fi seems like a free perk, but it has drawbacks. While it might be available, it can be unreliable and slow. Worse yet, public Wi-Fi can be easy for hackers to crack, putting your information at risk. An eSIM solves these problems. With an eSIM, you get a secure and consistent connection that travels with you, whether you’re at home or abroad.

Are eSIMs Better for North America Than Regular SIM Cards?

eSIMs are the wise choice for frequent travelers, as they can activate a new plan from any corner of the globe, digitally. However, in case you have a classic phone model, a physical SIM might be a better fit for now. eSIM technology is still fairly new, so some older devices won’t be compatible.

Are There Any Free eSIMs for North America?

Although they are not completely free, a Canada-USA eSIM starts at $7.60.

How Fast Is the Internet on the Yoho Mobile North America eSIM?

Yoho Mobile eSIM equips you with the fastest available network (5G, 4G, LTE) letting you stream, browse, and stay connected with ease in most locations. Even if you find yourself off the beaten path, Yoho Mobile keeps you covered with reliable data speeds that won’t leave you stranded. You might experience a slight dip in speed in super remote areas, but it’ll still be enough for essential messaging and browsing.

Is it recommended to use a regular SIM card and Yoho Mobile eSIM simultaneously?

Sure! You can keep your regular SIM for calls and texts, and use the Yoho Mobile eSIM just for data. Be aware in case you don’t disable data on your regular SIM, you can get charged roaming fees for calls and texts by your carrier.

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