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Cheapest Phone with eSIM: Get Connected for Less

As of 2023, the market for cheap phones with eSIM has grown a lot, setting the trend for millions to have this feature. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly smartphone with eSIM support, this article lists the best options, compares features, and discusses market trends to help you find the cheapest eSIM phone you need.

As of 2023, the market for cheap phones with eSIM has grown a lot.

In this article:


What are Some of the Cheapest eSIM Phones?

Where technology booms, budget eSIM phones have also become readily available. Brands like Google, Samsung, and Apple now offer budget-friendly models. Below are some of the best.

Google Pixel 4a eSIM phone close-up

Google Pixel Series: Quality eSIM Phone on a Budget

Google has kept making quality smartphones and they have integrated eSIM technology. For example, the Google Pixel 4a is a great budget smartphone with eSIM and top-end quality: a great camera and all eSIM benefits. Priced in the range of $349, it is a bargain. For more details about the Google Pixel 4a, you can check out this review.

Samsung Galaxy A Series: Discover an Affordable eSIM Phone

The Samsung Galaxy A series has a portmanteau of all the budget models supporting eSIM. The most popular model in the series, the Samsung Galaxy A52, priced at around $399. It has a wide display, long battery life, and an advanced camera system—well, pretty okay with price-to-performance balance. Explore different postpaid and traditional plans for more options on budget eSIM plans.

Apple iPhone SE: Cheapest iPhone with eSIM

Another device that should be considered in the budget eSIM phone segment is Apple’s iPhone SE. At $399, it offers the premium feel of owning an iPhone with eSIM support. It has a compact, powerful A13 Bionic chip and, an always-ready camera. This device is always a runaway best-seller among budget audiences. You can find a detailed review of the Apple iPhone SE here.

Sony Xperia 10 IV: Affordable eSIM Smartphone

The Sony Xperia 10 IV is another great eSIM phone on a budget. Priced at$349, it has a 6-inch OLED display and a Snapdragon 690 processor with 6GB of RAM. People know it for its solid build quality and respectable performance. So, it’s a very nice option for budget-conscious people. Learn more about this amazing phone here.

Xiaomi 12T Pro: High-Spec Cheap eSIM Phone

The Xiaomi 12T Pro has a 6.67-inch AMOLED display. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset and 8GB RAM, it comes with high-end specs at a price of around $399. The main camera boasts 108MP and it has a big 5000mAh battery. This marks a huge milestone for performance and battery life for its niche. If you think it’s a great option worth considering, check out this review.

Compare Prices and Features of eSIM Phones

Comparison of affordable eSIM smartphones

The prices and features vary among the models of the cheapest phones with eSIM. Below is a comparative table:

Model Price Battery Life Storage Camera Quality
Google Pixel 4a $349 3140 mAh 128 GB  12.2 MP Rear, 8 MP Front
Samsung Galaxy A52 $399  4500 mAh  128 GB  64 MP Rear, 32 MP Front
Apple iPhone SE  $399 1821 mAh 64/128/256 GB  12 MP Rear, 7 MP Front
Sony Xperia 10 IV $349  4000 mAh 64/128 GB  12 MP Rear, 8 MP Front
Xiaomi 12T Pro $399 5000 mAh 128/256 GB  108 MP Rear, 20 MP Front


Futuristic city with people using eSIM smartphones

eSIM technology has been adopted since the 3G era, and its usage is expected to rise tenfold by 2030. But why does consumer awareness remain low? This has been partly due to what some called a “conspiracy” by equipment makers and service providers. They launched eSIM technology only on their high-end devices. However, as more budget-friendly options become available, consumer awareness and eSIM adoption are expected to increase, moving away from such initial exclusivity.

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Telecom Industry Shifts: The Impact of eSIM Technology

eSIM technology is shaking up the telecom business due to the increase of travel eSIM providers. They offer easier and often cheaper solutions compared to traditional services. So, these changes challenge the usual revenues of mobile operators and may motivate more competitive pricing and better services.

Traveler using eSIM smartphone at airport


Get Connected for Less with the Cheapest eSIM Phone

eSIM technology is becoming more affordable, which dramatically alters how consumers make choices and reshapes the telecom industry. The growth of affordable eSIM phones largely follows classic market patterns. Yet they are very likely to be a lasting part of these new product possibilities. When considering your next smartphone, take a look at these cost-effective series offered by Google, Samsung, and Apple. Consider being part of the future with an affordable eSIM device!

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