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The Best Time of Year to Go to Venice, Italy? Weather, Tips, And Events

What comes to your mind when thinking of Venice? Canals? Bridges? Gondolas? Romance? Maybe, you have daydreamed about a getaway to Venice, a perfectly understandable desire. But even in an almost perfect city like this, things can get a bit chaotic sometimes. Trust us, we come from the future to say that picking the best time to visit Venice in Italy is a half-guarantee for a memorable experience.

Picking the best time to visit Venice in Italy is a half-guarantee for a memorable experience.

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The Best Time to Go to Venice, Italy…

Spring: March to May

Mild Weather and Blooming Beauty: Spring in Venice boasts mild temperatures between 11C to 20C (52F to 68F). Watch the city come to life as flowers bloom and the iconic canals are framed by lush greenery.

Spring in Venice boasts mild temperatures and for many visitors is best time to visit Venice in Italy

Spring stands out as a great time to explore Italy, especially Venice. The influx of mass tourism is yet to peak, so you can enjoy a serene ambiance with no crowds. The weather is usually nice, but there might be a higher chance of rain. It’s essential to be aware that flooding (acqua alta) might still happen in Venice during this time, so visitors should be prepared for it.

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Summer: June to August

Festivals and Vibrant Atmosphere: Summer is the peak tourist season, but for good reason. With temperatures averaging between 14C (74F), the city buzzes with energy. Perfect to enjoy open-air events, festivals, and the lively vibe this time of year.

If you ask us it's not the best time to visit Venice in Italy.

Venice is well-known for its heavy tourism, you already know that. The peak tourist season in Italy, in general, occurs in the sunniest and hottest months. The weather is reliably sunny, but, be warned, the heat can be intense, and very humid. Expect long lines at museums unless you’ve booked skip-the-line tickets (highly recommended). If you ask us it’s not the best time to visit Venice in Italy: the summer heat, humidity, and the smell of canal water make it a challenging month, plus there are lots of tourists. Yes, it’s not a myth, canals smell bad because of rotting organic matter, dirt, tides, city runoff, its special sewer system, and even too much algae at times.

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Fall: September to November

Mild Weather and Fewer Crowds: Fall offers a sweet spot with pleasant weather ranging from 12C to 23C (54F to 73F). Exploring Venice with fewer crowds gives you a chance to enjoy its historical sites and charming streets in a more intimate way.

The best time mainly depends on your likes and what you want to explore and should be when the weather is nice, and the city is less crowded.

Fall is a beautiful time to plan an Italian getaway. The weather stays nice, usually dry, and rain typically starts around half of November. During the less busy months, that is to say without many tourists, it’s an ideal period for people who want a hassle-free yet active vacation, be it by taking easy walks. Also, this time of year is when the grape harvest reaches its peak and vineyards are at their full splendor, a visually stunning spectacle.

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Winter: December to February

Cultural Events and Pleasant Ambiance: While winter temperatures can dip to around 0C to 9C (32F to 48F), Venice takes on a magical ambiance during this season. Enjoy the city’s cultural events without the usual crowds for a unique and enchanting time.

While winter temperatures can dip to around 0C to 9C (32F to 48F), Venice takes on a magical ambiance during this season.

Visiting Italy during the winter can be a rewarding experience, but it comes with colder weather, occasional flooding, a mix of rainy days and sunny moments. However, exploring Venice during this season has its perks. Popular attractions and restaurants have short lines, which will give you a more laid-back experience. Likewise, with fewer people looking for places to stay, you can easily find affordable options, making it the go-to time for budget-friendly travelers. If you love scenic canals and festive decorations that make a place feel charming, this might be the perfect time for you to visit Venice in Italy.

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Acqua Alta (High Water)

Watch out for “acqua alta” (high water) in late fall and early winter; it can add a dramatic touch to your trip. It is when heavy rain or strong winds push water into the Venetian Lagoon, high tides flood the city, making the water level rise and flood some areas.


What are Some Tips to Visit Venice?

Venturing into Venice is a unique travel experience, but it’s always wise to follow some insider tips to make the most of your visit:

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At last, the Best Time of Year to Go to Venice, Italy

For a more balanced and pleasant experience, plan your visit between September and November.

When is the best time to go to Venice?

In Winter, temperatures can dip, creating a chilly atmosphere. Spring, on the other hand, offers the most delightful weather, while summer, the peak season, brings higher temperatures, increased hotel rates, and bustling crowds. For a more balanced and pleasant experience, plan your visit between September and November.

When should you steer clear of Venice?

In a few words, we suggest skipping the summer months, particularly July. These months bring intense heat, high humidity, and a surge in tourist numbers. In the same line, it’s wise to avoid Venice in December because of the cold weather and the risk of flooding.


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