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Best Restaurants in Paris

Selecting the very best restaurants in Paris is by no means an easy task, we admit. It’s like choosing culinary stars in a galaxy of excellence. Each one is a unique note in this gourmet list, and its chefs are true world-class artists.

From the relaxed elegance of Comice to the casual creativity of Septime, and the fused delights of Le Servan, each thrives to tell its own story through its dishes. In essence, they offer us, foodies and travelers, a glimpse into the culinary diversity that is Parisian cuisine.

Get ready for a memorable gastronomic journey in the City of Light!

Paris hosts some of the best restaurants in the world.

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Le Chateaubriand

The average price per person is $105

Soft light, chic counter, and skilled service; Châteaubriand reshaped bistronomy in 2006 and keeps pushing boundaries today. Chef Iñaki Aizpitarte cooks in an unconventional way. His food is original, lively, and a bit punk, a hit-or-miss kinda of stuff, but always new and fresh. It’s been in and out of the top 50 restaurants worldwide. We recommend it for casual dining and adventurous foodies who enjoy natural wine and a lively setting. Maybe it lacks the glamour of the old days, but it’s still fantastic.

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129 Avenue Parmentier, Folie-Méricourt

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Le Chateaubriand is not like in the old days, but it's still one of the best restaurants in Paris.



The average price for five courses and seven courses is $64 and $102 respectively.

Septime, since 2011, remains timeless. In this cozy Scando-inspired space, you’ll savor creative plant-based dishes that change every two weeks. Part of its resilience and success is due to Michelin-starred chef Grébaut, who’s mastered skillfully to bring out flavors and play with textures, often combining raw and cooked elements on one plate.  It’s like fine dining in a rustic pub – think weathered tables, steel accents, and dim lighting. And the best part? The menu changes every three weeks, featuring gems like lettuce with a hint of bacon, delicate scallops with bone marrow, and a superb grilled sweetbread and harissa dish in a couscous broth. In order to truly these dishes, carefully selected wines are a must-try.

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80 rue de Charonne, Paris, Île-de-France

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Michelin-starred Septime is among the very best Parisian restaurants.


Le Servan

The average price is $50

The Levha sisters, Katia and Tatiana, have been wowing guests since 2014. Their cuisine marries French and Asian flavors, featuring innovative delights like grilled sweetbreads with spicy Thai sauce. Not only their menu places among the very best restaurants in Paris, but also the setting: stunning with ceiling details, a vintage fresco, and a beautiful brass bar adorned with flowers. Talented chef Tatiana Levha’s broad influences shine through in surprising dishes: start with deep-fried giblets, fresh radishes with anchovy butter, or herb-infused cockles. Follow with lacquered quail or crispy pork on braised leeks, both mouthwatering. Don’t forget the excellent wine selection, especially Burgundy reds and whites. It’s a must for a Paris dining experience.

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32 Rue Saint-Maur, 11th Arrondissement

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Le Servan offers a menu among the best restaurants in Paris.



The average price is $55 and the tasting menu starts at $95

Gregory Marchand’s Michelin-starred Frenchie is his original concept of a culinary ode. The chef trained with Jamie Oliver in the UK and Danny Meyer in the USA. The no-choice tasting menu features small plates and an extensive wine list. Don’t miss the scotch eggs with kimchi aioli, veal sweetbread nuggets, and salsify tagliatelle with yellow wine slalom. It’s a perfect place to dine solo, as you’ll likely chat with others in a small, yet cozy space. However, getting to Frenchie can be tough, if you can’t book, consider visiting Frenchie To Go for breakfast or lunch. They offer casual fare like hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, and lobster rolls, perfect for a snack.

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5 Rue de Nil, Bourse, Paris

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What can you do in one day in Paris?



The average price is around $90

In Paris, much of the fancy haute cuisine costs an arm and a leg. But Comice, a Michelin-starred place run by a Canadian chef and his sommelier wife, is lush without a big bill. The restaurant strikes a neat balance between elegance and casualness. The wine list, by Hananova, is awesome, and Gedalof’s modern French dishes are light and creative. We suggest trying duck foie gras with hazelnuts, strawberries, balsamic, and black pepper, or roast chicken with polenta, wild mushrooms, and wild herbs salad. To wrap up, think of Comice as an affordable way to enjoy the finesse of haute cuisine.

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31 Avenue de Versailles

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The average price is around $107

In Paris, there’s a snug spot near Les Halles with modern decor and an open kitchen. Yet getting is not easy because Chef Thomas Meyer serves up excellent cutting-edge French food. The tasting menu reflects his inventiveness and respect for products, their quality, and freshness. Despite he likes to vary the menu very often, we suggest based on recent experiences the roast pigeon with gizzards sauce,  sea bream with kale and apple juice, and a unique dessert with rice pudding and mirabelle plums in Vin jaune.

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6 Rue Bailleul, 75001 Paris

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Les Arlots

The average price is from $20 to $30

Opened in 2016 and priced affordable, this special place oozes ageless charm. For many, it may feel like a place where historical figures could have dined in the ’80s. Particularly, Les Alorts stands out as one of the best restaurants in Paris, very famous for its finest sausage and potato puree. But all of the menu is skillfully done. Chef Thomas Brachet’s daily-changing chalkboard menu blends modern with classic. For example, you may find green bean salad with apricots, specks, and fresh almonds, and classics like langoustines with homestyle mayo.

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136 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris, Île-de-France

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Les Alorts in Paris stands out as one of the best restaurants in Paris.


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