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Unveil the Must-Visit Places and Best Hotels To Stay Venice, Italy

As you explore the wonders of Italy, Venice awaits as the crown jewel, offering an array of the very best places to stay during your journey. Whether you’re dreaming of a quick city escape for a couple of days or maybe a romantic Valentine’s Day in its charming streets, Venice stands out with its unrivaled selection of the best hotels in Italy.

Venice provides visitors with an array of the very best places and hotels to stay during their journey.

When’s the Perfect Time to Visit? Weather, Tips, and Must-See Events


Best Places to Stay in Venice, Italy

Venice is made up of six distinct districts called sestieri. Each one has its own distinct character and attractions, and that variety adds depth to the overall rich tapestry of Venice’s cultural and historical heritage.


San Marco

This is a bustling area and the heart of Venice, in terms of history and culture. Home to the most iconic landmarks, shops, food joints, and attractions in general. Hence, it is one of the most visited areas and attracts millions of tourists each year. Maybe it’s the way it’s built that intrigues them. San Marco is a testament to the city‘s wealth and influence from a time when it was a maritime powerhouse. Although we should warn you, choose this district if you want to stay within the action, but it might dent your wallet.

Must-Visit Places:


Our Picks for the Best Hotels in San Marco, Venice, Italy:

Hotel Bel Sito e Berlino $$

buffet breakfast/ bar/ reading room/courtyard/seating area/pet-friendly

It faces the Baroque-style Santa Maria del Giglio Church, a mere 6 min. stroll from St Mark’s Square and 11 min. from the ornate Rialto Bridge.

Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal $$$

traditional Venetian cuisine and seafood/ terrace with waterfront view/ 9 event rooms /business center

This luxurious hotel on the Grand Canal is close to Piazza San Marco, the Basilica and La Fenice Theatre.

San Polo

San Polo is located between Rialto Bridge and Santa Croce district and is the enduring economic center of Venice. If you decide to stop by, you’ll discover quaint streets, and local markets like the Rialto Market, this one in particular is famous for its fresh produce, fish, and seafood. Also, some notable historical sites like the Church of San Polo (9th century), and the Scuola Grande di San Roco, which is a Renaissance building adorned with Tintoretto’s works. This is the best place to stay for those keen on exploring the historic streets of Venice in Italy.

Main Attractions:


Our Picks for the Best Hotels in San Polo, Venice, Italy:

Palazzetto Madonna $$

buffet breakfast/bar/garden patio/private dock/art exhibitions

Located within a medieval 13th-century palace, this hotel is nestled alongside a canal, just a minute’s walk from a ferry stop and a 15-minute stroll from St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge.

Hotel San Cassiano Cà Favretto $$$

buffet breakfast /exclusive dining room/ terrace with canal views/ bar/cozy patio

This hotel, housed in a 14th century building that was once the residence of the painter Giacomo Favretto, is near a vaporetto stop, the Rialto Bridge, and St Mark’s Square.


A mellow and inviting district, yet bursting with a vibrant art scene. For instance, esteemed galleries like the Peggy Guggenheim, renowned institutions like Ca’ Foscari University, and scenic waterfront views on the Zatere. You’ll be wowed by the waterfront walkway and squares which are perfect spots for both locals and visitors to chill out. Likewise, the cityscape views, especially from up high, offer a tranquil haven compared to San Marco.

Main Attractions:


Discover Venice’s History, Art, and Food



Our Picks for the Best Hotels in Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy:

Hotel Carlton $$

two fancy restaurants in the rooftop/formal café/bar/breakfast included

This elegant hotel, situated in a historic building next to the Grand Canal, is a quick walk from Santa Lucia train station and 2 km from the Rialto Bridge and St Mark’s Square.

Hilton Molino

4 restaurants/ lounge/fancy rooftop bar and pool/ spa/ gym/ local boat shuttle service

This luxury hotel, set in a restored red-brick flour mill, is six minutes from the nearest vaporetto stop, and two and a half mile from the Rialto Bridge


One of the oldest and grandest districts in Venice, founded around the 12th century. Back in the day, this area flourished with a variety of people, from craftsmen and traders to Jewish families. You’ll find the historic Jewish Ghetto, lively dining spots, and bars, as well as the beautiful Strada Nova shopping avenue. It’s not a typical touristy spot, it is a glimpse of authentic Venetian life and a place worth considering for your stay in Venice, Italy.

Main Attractions:


Our Picks for the Best Hotels in Cannaregio, Venice, Italy:

Hotel Principe $$

refined seafood restaurant/terrace along the canal/bar/guest lounges/ pier

This traditional hotel is located in a colorful villa facing the Grand Canal, just a 3-minute walk from Santa Lucia train station and 1.9 km from St Mark’s Square.

Hotel Ai Cavalieri $$$$

opulent rooms/ Wi-Fi/ minibar/ canal views/ terrace bar/ breakfast in an outdoor area

This luxurious 18th century hotel is located 5 minutes from a Vaporetto stop and 7 minute from Piazza San Marco and St Mark’s Basilica.


The district is a maze of winding streets, picturesque squares, beautiful churches, residential buildings, grand palaces, and iconic landmarks. Despite being one of the largest and least touristy areas, it offers a taste of local culture, traditions, and everyday life. It hosts the Arsenale, once a major hub of naval production for the Venetian Republic, the Biennale Gardens, and some tucked-away churches and museums. In addition, it boasts some of the most impressive views in Venice, with waterfront paths offering wide-angle vistas of the Venetian Lagoon and the city’s skyline. Indulge in the beauty of Italy in Castello, the best place to stay in Venice!

Main Attractions:


Our Picks for the Best Hotels in Castello, Venice, Italy:

Hotel Bucintoro

buffet breakfast/bar/television lounge/laundry service/babysitting service

This exclusive hotel overlooks the San Marco Basin, conveniently close to vaporetto stops and St Mark’s Square.

Hotel Bisanzio $

breakfast included/private courtyard/ lounge bar/2 reading rooms/ on-site laundry

This modest hotel, situated in a restored 16th century palace, is also close to St Mark’s Basilica, and a short distance from the Riva degli Schiavoni waterfront path.


With an intriguing backstory, especially because its name stems from the Italian word for Jewish, but there’s no proof that Jews ever lived there, except for such a name. Once filled with grand palaces and gardens, shifted gears to be an industrial center in the last century. After its World War II decline, it became a calm residential zone for the working class, along with some chic apartments and high-end homes. Today, it stands as a quieter island just a short vaporetto ride away from the main attractions.

Main Attractions:


Our Picks for the Best Hotels in Giudecca, Venice, Italy:

Hotel La Fenice $

continental breakfast/ pleasant covered patio with vines/ elegant restaurant

This casual hotel, housed in a corner building, is located 4 minute from the nearest vaporetto stop, 6 minute from the iconic St Mark’s Square, and 600m from the ornate Rialto Bridge.

Palazzo Veneziano $$

continental buffet breakfast/ fancy bar /reading room

This luxury hotel, overlooking the lagoon, is situated in a stately brick building, just a minute’s walk from a vaporetto stop and 2 km from St Mark’s Square and the Bridge of Sighs.

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