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What are the Best eSIM Providers for Mexico? (Pros and Cons)

Ancient civilizations, colorful marine life, rainforests packed with fascinating wildlife, pristine beaches, and renowned cuisine —what do they all have in common? Mexico’s cultural richness. For avid explorers or relaxed vacationers, Mexico promises an unforgettable adventure. Every moment is worth capturing and sharing in a country with so much to explore. Counting on an eSIM for your trip to Mexico is not just about staying connected; but ensuring that every memory, every discovery, and every feeling is at your fingertips, ready to be shared instantly with loved ones or stored for later reminiscing.

Counting on an eSIM for your trip to Mexico is not just about staying connected.Image by macrovector on Freepik



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How to Get an eSIM for Mexico? 

Travelers heading to Mexico have two options to stay connected in the country: eSIMs purchased online beforehand or traditional prepaid SIM cards bought upon arrival.

Travelers heading to Mexico have two options to stay connected in the country.Image by macrovector on Freepik

Consider getting a data-only eSIM, a convenient online option without having to swap out your physical SIM card. There are countless reputable providers like Yoho Mobile, Airalo, or Nomad. These eSIMs are typically sent via email with a QR code for easy installation. They often don’t require any ID registration or specific technical knowledge, as their user guides are pretty straightforward.

On the contrary, a prepaid SIM card might be the solution in case you need features like voice calls and SMS. Major Mexican mobile network operators like AT&T and Telcel sell prepaid SIM cards, not eSIM currently. You can also buy these SIM cards upon arrival at airports in Mexico or from local stores in the country. Just be aware that prices and data plans can vary and may be higher depending on the provider and location.

We believe eSIMs can be a real game-changer, hence we will focus on them in this article. In case you still have doubts, this other article explains in detail the advantages and drawbacks of eSIMs and SIM cards.

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Which eSIM providers work in Mexico?



Yoho Mobile

Yoho Mobile wants to change how you connect around the world. Founded in 2022, it offers easy-to-use eSIM plans and partners with over 30 carriers so you can stay connected at the best rates wherever you travel. But it said it’s more than just mobile data, it cares about the environment and is committed to UN sustainability goals. It even provides free eSIM data in disaster areas! As part of GSMA, they fight for affordable and personalized mobile experiences for everyone, everywhere.

  • Extensive coverage: Yoho Mobile partners with major mobile network operators in most countries, ensuring you have a strong and reliable connection with minimal disconnects, even in remote areas.
  • Wide range of data plans: they offer a variety of data plans to suit different needs and budgets.
  • Prices: highly competitive and transparent pricing, with some of the best rates per GB compared to traditional roaming fees from US carriers or other eSIM providers.
  • User-friendly: Yoho Mobile’s eSIMs are easy to purchase and activate, and the entire process can be done online in 15 minutes.
  • Additional features: All Yoho Mobile plans include features like mobile hotspots and data top-up options
  • Referral program: they let you bring your friends along and get $2 off your next purchase for both.
  • Customer service: Their support team is responsive and helpful, offering solutions through direct channels, WhatsApp, and email.
  • New company: Yoho Mobile is a relatively new company (est 2022), and may not be as well known to users compared to more established providers.
  • Remote coverage: Yoho Mobile’s network can be spotty in rural areas, depending on the underlying network.


Yoho Mobile offers a reliable eSIM data plan with good network stability, fast speeds, and international roaming options. However, limited coverage in remote areas is noteworthy. The clear pricing structure, helpful customer support, and straightforward activation process make Yoho Mobile a strong and growing contender in the eSIM market at this moment




Travelers themselves, the founders of Holafly saw the struggle to stay connected in 2017. They launched in 2018 a revolutionary eSIM tech company, and by joining Lanzadera’s Acceleration Program that same year, Holafly gained the momentum to reach travelers worldwide. To better serve their growing community, they expanded to France and Germany, opening offices in Valencia and Medellin between 2019 and 2021.

  • Extensive coverage: Holafly offers eSIM cards for a wide range of destinations, exceeding 160 countries, including Mexico and North America (Canada, the USA, and Mexico).
  • Unlimited only: Various data plans by continent, and country, only unlimited options.
  • Multilingual support: They provide 24/7 customer service in five languages (Spanish, English, German, French, and Japanese)
  • Several payment options: users can purchase their eSIM card in different currencies
  • Limited functionality: Holafly eSIM cards primarily focus on data access and don’t typically include calls or SMS functionality (with some exceptions for regions with calling features).
  • Affordability: Holafly focuses on unlimited data options, which can make it more expensive than other providers.
  • Sharing Limitations: Data sharing is restricted with Holafly’s eSIM card for Mexico.
  • App Limitations: The app doesn’t currently facilitate the eSIM installation process itself.
  • Fair Usage: Data speeds might vary depending on usage due to fair usage policies.


Holafly eSIM cards offer a compelling solution for travelers seeking data connectivity on their trips. With a vast coverage area, flexible plans, and user-friendly options, they cater to a wide range of travel styles. However, there are limitations regarding calls, SMS, and specific features like data sharing in certain regions.




Nomad, by LotusFlare, empowers travelers with seamless mobile data around the globe. Their mission? To make travel tech easy and enjoyable, ensuring a smooth journey for both you and your business.

  • Relatively wide coverage: Nomad offers data plans in 140 countries, from regions, and specific countries, to global coverage.
  • Easy to use: The app allows for easy purchase and direct installation of eSIMs on your phone (though app availability is limited).
  • Variety of plans: They have a wide array of plans with different prices and data allowances, from budget options to more extensive plans
  • Top ups: You can conveniently top up your data if needed during your trip.
  • Data Sharing: Nomad eSIMs allow data sharing with other devices.
  • No unlimited data: Nomad plans are capped, with no unlimited data options
  • Short-term plans: The data allowance for short-term plans is very small.
  • Customer support: Support is only available via email, not phone or live chat.
  • App availability: The app for easy purchase and installation is not available in all countries.
  • Price: While Nomad advertises lower-priced plans, the total cost per gigabyte might be higher than competitors.


Nomad eSIMs can be a convenient option for travelers, especially for short trips in Europe, with easy purchase, installation, and recharge options. Yet the lack of unlimited data, limited customer support options, and app availability might be drawbacks for some users.




Transatel, founded in the early 2000s, is a leader in mobile technology. They provide cellular services (through their Ubigi brand) and help other companies offer them too. With a global network and focus on innovation, Transatel keeps businesses and consumers connected from all corners. They’ve been especially important for the mobile device and automotive industries for more than 20 years.

  • Coverage: From regional, country-specific, and global data plans for 190 destinations.
  • Data Sharing: Ubigi allows its users to share data with other devices.
  • Flexible top-ups: Users can top up their eSIM directly from the app using USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.
  • Car compatibility: Ubigi eSIMs work with internet-enabled models from Fiat, Land Rover, and Jeep.
  • Limited data: Data plans are capped at 3GB or less, with no unlimited options.
  • Limited Plan Options: Only two data plans (1GB and 3GB) with a 30-day validity period are available. Short-term options might be missing.
  • Language barrier: Customer support is currently only available in English.
  • Customer support: Support is only available via email.


Ubigi offers a convenient eSIM solution for travelers with data-driven needs. Their app-based installation, global coverage, and data-sharing features are appealing. However, limited data allowances, lack of voice/SMS, and restricted plan options might be drawbacks for some users. The service is particularly interesting for those with compatible car models, but be sure to consider your data requirements before choosing Ubigi.




Airalo, founded in 2019 by Burak and Bahadir Ozdemir, champions diversity, inclusion, and global connectivity. Offering eSIM packages in +200 countries, it enables travelers to purchase, manage, and top up virtual plans from various mobile networks. By simplifying data access for travelers, Airalo fosters global connectivity.

  • Coverage and variety of plans: Airalo offers regional, country-specific, and even global data packages, catering to different travel needs. They offer eSIM cards for 200 destinations.
  • Cheap Prices: Airalo is best known for its budget-friendly plans.
  • Hotspot: Some plans allow users to share data with other devices, which is a handy feature for group travel.
  • Rechargeable: Top-up your data allowance is available directly through the app.
  • Limited data: Data packages are capped at 5GB or less, with no unlimited data options available.
  • Short-term focus: Plans are limited to 7, 15, or 30 days, which might not be ideal for extended travel.
  • Customer service: Support is reportedly limited to English and may have slow response times.
  • User satisfaction: The lowest score among the main eSIM providers. Airalo’s score, 2.4/5 on Trustpilot, indicates that users have reported serious issues concerning their service.


Airalo offers a very affordable way to stay connected while traveling the world. On the other side, their data limitations, lack of features like unlimited data, and alarmingly low user satisfaction scores are key factors to consider to determine if Airalo is the right eSIM provider for you.



Which is the best eSIM for Mexico?

Several factors come into play when choosing the best eSIM for Mexico. To make it clearer, we created this comparison chart to evaluate prices, data allowance, customer service, and other key factors.


Brand Days GB/plan Unlimited data Hotspot Top-up Price Support Trustpilot
Yoho Mobile 30 1/ 3/ 5 Yes Yes Available $13.60 – $45.40 Direct chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️
Holafly 5/ 7/ 10/ 15/ 20/ 30/ 60/ 90 Unlimited data Yes No Available $19 – $99 Direct chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️
Nomad 1/ 3/ 5/ 7/ 10/ Unlimited data Yes Yes Available $4 – $35 Email 4.4⭐️
Ubigi 30 1/ 3 No Yes Available $15- $33 Direct chat, Email 4.2⭐️
Airalo 7/ 15/30 1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ 10 No Yes Available $6 – $42 WhatsApp 2.4⭐️


In short, Holafly offers extensive coverage and unlimited data options, but its pricing may not be as competitive as other providers.

Nomad provides easy installation and a variety of plans but lacks unlimited data options and has limited customer support channels, which may affect user experience.

Ubigi caters to frequent travelers, mainly those with smart cars, yet its limited data allowances may not suit all travelers’ needs.

Airalo offers budget-friendly options but has limited flexibility on data plans and durations, and its low user satisfaction rating raises concerns about service quality.

Finally, there is Yoho Mobile with reliable connectivity, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer support. Travelers looking for the best eSIMs for Mexico should definitely consider Yoho Mobile as a strong choice.

But in the end, it comes down to your specific needs to pick the eSIM that best suits your travel style.

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