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Traveling to Germany in 2024: Are You eSIM-Ready?

Are you dreaming of fairytale castles, thick forests, or perhaps a popular festival like Octoberfest? Germany is a great destination in Europe for culture buffs, foodies, or anyone who loves a good adventure! To make the most of your trip, we will help you stay connected, share incredible photos, and remain close to loved ones with a secure and affordable method. Discover the best eSIM for Germany to save precious time and money without sacrificing any other aspect.

Sounds good enough? Let us find you the perfect eSIM for your German adventure now!

Germany is a great destination in Europe for culture buffs, foodies, or anyone who loves a good adventureImage by freepik



First Time in Germany? Don’t Miss This in Your Visit


How to get an eSIM for Germany?

For travelers who need things done fast, eSIMs are a speedy alternative to regular SIM cards. Whereas there might be fewer options compared to them, many eSIM providers offer a variety of valuable choices to pick from. Their prepaid eSIM plans designed for nomads, or casual travelers alike can skip the hassle of long-term contracts or German bank accounts

The process is simple: buy your eSIM online from your chosen provider, get a QR code by email, scan it on your phone, and then follow the on-screen steps to activate it. That’s it! You’ll be enjoying mobile data in Germany in no time!

Buy your eSIM online, get a QR code, scan it on your phone, and then follow the on-screen steps to activate it.


Does an eSIM work in Germany?

An eSIM for this country works like a regular SIM card would, but digitally. Once you have a QR code from your chosen provider, scan it on your phone, and, voilà you’re connected to a local network! This eSIM profile will act like a mini-carrier on your device, storing all the network info you need for calls, texts, and data. Plus, you can have multiple eSIMs at once and switch between carriers or plans on the go.

Remember not every phone or carrier currently supports eSIMs, so check if your device supports eSIMs here.

Generally speaking, the best eSIM providers available in Germany offer a variety of data plans to choose from, so travelers can browse, stream, and text just like they would at home. It’s never been easier to explore every hidden gem, capture stunning photos, and share your adventures with no roaming fees draining your vacation budget!



What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using An eSIM in Germany?

In the interest of helping you decide if an eSIM is the right choice for your trip to Germany, let’s present the key advantages and negative aspects clearly and concisely.


Pros Cons
Convenient: due to their digital nature, you can switch between mobile networks easily with eSIMs and not worry about losing or damaging a physical SIM card. They also allow for remote activation, saving time and hassle. Limited Support: eSIMs aren’t supported by all mobile operators, especially smaller ones. It can vary by country and phone model, limiting your choice of devices or networks.
Space-saver: eSIM-compatible devices can store multiple carrier profiles. That lets you quickly switch to a provider with better reception in areas with spotty signals without having several SIM cards. More complex setup:  setting up eSIMs may be more challenging for new users. eSIMs require some know-how of your device and an internet connection. This could be an issue in areas with poor Wi-Fi or mobile data.
Flexible:  with an eSIM you can switch between carriers and plans remotely. This ideal solution is for nomads, remote workers, and frequent travelers. With a global plan, you can even connect to different carriers around the globe. Not easily transferable: In case you ever need to transfer your eSIM to another phone, it isn’t as direct as swapping a physical SIM card. The process involves additional steps on the old device before you can activate it on the new one.
Cost-effective: eSIMs can offer more competitive prices for travelers than SIM cards due to their reduced manufacturing and logistical costs.
More secure: eSIMs offer a security boost compared to regular SIM cards. As they are integrated inside your device, it’s less likely they can be stolen, tampered with, or used for fraud. This also makes it easier for authorities to track down your lost phone.
Greener: eSIMs are more eco-friendly than traditional SIM cards because they do not use plastic or metal. Thus, using eSIMs reduces e-waste and the environmental harm from making and throwing away SIM cards.  



What Is The Best eSIM For Germany?

Check out the top eSIM providers for Germany and consider the key factors mentioned here. Your best choice will depend on how much data you use and how long you’re staying.

Brand Days GB/plan Unlimited data Hotspot Top-up Price Support Trustpilot
Yoho Mobile 7/ 15 /30 1/ 3/ 5/ 10 Yes Yes Available $4.30 – $63 Direct chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️
Holafly 5/ 7/ 10/15/ 20 /30/ 60 / 90 Unlimited data Yes No Available $19 – $99 Direct chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️
Airalo 7/ 15/30 1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 20 No Yes Available $5.– $26.. WhatsApp 2.4⭐️
Ubigi 30/ 365 3/ 10/ 24/ 50 No Yes Available $7- $39 Direct chat, Email 4.2⭐️
Nomad 7/ 30 1/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 15/20 No Yes Available $6 – $33 Email 4.4⭐️


Yoho Mobile

Yoho Mobile stands out as a reliable solution for travelers seeking to stay connected in Germany. Their eSIM plans boast extensive network coverage, partnering with major German networks like E-Plus and O2. That way users can rest assured they’ll have a reliable connection all over Germany, even in bustling cities or remote rural areas.

Yoho Mobile stands out as a reliable solution for travelers seeking to stay connected in Germany.

Regardless of your trip duration Yoho Mobile offers a variety of data plans to suit your needs. They range from 1GB to unlimited data with validity periods of 7, 15, and 30 days. With such flexibility, you can save even money by choosing a plan that matches your data needs and travel duration, avoiding extra charges for unused data.

Moreover, with Yoho Mobile, you can skip all of the inconveniences of traditional SIM cards. Their intuitive app and website make setting up an eSIM fast and simple. No need to visit a store or worry about opening hours or language barriers. With affordable plans, friendly customer support available through various channels, and easy top-up choices, Yoho Mobile keeps you connected during your journey.



Holafly is a popular choice among travelers, particularly those looking for unlimited data plans. They provide diverse eSIM plans globally, including options tailored for heavy data users in Germany. These plans range from 5 to 90 days in duration, catering to short trips and extended stays alike. Notably, Holafly boasts excellent customer support available 24/7 in multiple languages.

Although on the pricier end, Holafly’s eSIMs offer great value by giving unlimited data. That way their users don’t have to stress about using too much data. Their user-friendly setup process allows either QR activation or manual code entry. Notably, an app lets you monitor data usage and left days.

There are some drawbacks, however. These include higher prices, no data-sharing feature, and the inability to set up directly through their app.



Airalo provides a range of eSIM data plans for global travel. Their eSIM cards are famous for being affordable, simple to buy, and easy to set up using their app. They also boast a wide selection with different durations, prices, and data allowances. In addition, Airalo even allows data sharing with other devices and top-up your data plan if needed.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider. Airalo’s data plan’s limits are 20GB, so there are no unlimited options. Short-term plans are very limited. Customer service is only in English and has a reputation for very low user satisfaction and slow response times. While Airalo is a budget-friendly option at first glance, its many recent problems make it more expensive in the long run.

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