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Which is the Best eSIM for India? Your Ultimate Guide

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Think about landing in India. Everything is about touching and capturing the senses: vibrant colors, tantalizing smells, and the hum of life all around. The urge to capture every moment becomes overwhelming as you step out of the airport and into the country. But then a question lingers: How can you stay connected smoothly in this foreign land without getting a physical SIM card using costly roaming charges? Is there a travel eSIM for India?


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Reveal the Magic of India: A Traveler’s Dream

India is a traveler’s paradise, full of eclectic landscapes and rich cultural heritage. From snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas to golden deserts in Rajasthan, backwaters in Kerala, and bustling streets in Mumbai, India offers plenty of experiences for travelers. Truly, every part of the country has its charm, and it’s quite accessible to fully immerse yourself in and explore. If you are planning a trip to India, check out these essential travel tips to make the most of your journey.

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Why eSIM Matters for Travel to India?

Staying connected is crucial when traveling in India. Traditional SIM cards can be quite a hassle: first, you need to find a local vendor; second, there is often a language barrier. eSIM, on the other hand, offers seamless connectivity. You can activate, top up, and change data plans without using a physical SIM. With eSIM, you can get connected right from the moment you land! For a better understanding of how eSIM works, read our detailed guide on what exactly is an eSIM.


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eSIM providers and travel packages

Several global eSIM players offer a bouquet of plans to travelers visiting India. Ubigi, SimOptions, Maya Mobile, Airalo, and Yoho Mobile are some of the leaders in the space. These players offer flexible data plans for short and longer stays with limits on data up to 20 GB.


Airalo is famous for its easy-to-use app and low prices. Prices range from as low as $4.50 to as much as $40 per package, depending on the data package. For sure, Airalo eSIMs are easily installed either by QR code or through its app, making them convenient for travelers.


Ubigi has excellent nationwide coverage across every nook and corner of India. It offers convenient accessibility, supports multiple languages, and assists at any time. While it may be a little pricier than some other options, it does offer the additional coverage and support you pay for.


SimOptions offers a variety of plans tailored to your needs, with generous data limits included. The ease of activation and reliability of its products have made this brand quite popular. Prices range between $10 and $30—mid-range but with superb value

Maya Mobile

What sets Maya Mobile apart is that it is cost-effective and flexible. They offer short-term plans ideal for travelers who only need to be online for a few days. Their budget plans start at just $5.

Yoho Mobile

From this list, Yoho Mobile would be the top provider of eSIM for India. Yoho Mobile has competitive prices, a wide range of data plans, and unbeatable customer service. Their seamless connectivity ensures staying in touch while traveling is hassle-free. Their plans will cover many needs, from short trips to extended stays, making them the most sought-after eSIM solution for travelers in India.

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India eSIMs: Pricing & Data Caps

Prices for eSIM plans vary. Small data packages can start at $4.50, while larger ones might go up to $40. It is essential to choose a plan based on your data needs and the duration of your stay. Also, note that some eSIMs offer large data amounts but come with speed restrictions after a certain daily usage.

Install & Support for India eSIMs

Installing an eSIM is usually straightforward, as most providers offer easy installation via a QR code or through their apps. For the step-by-step guide, you can refer to the eSIM installation guide. Some providers excel in customer service, offering 24/7 support in multiple languages. Ensure you choose a provider with reliable customer service to walk you through any issues you might find during your trip.

Device Compatibility & Data Share

eSIMs are compatible with most smartphones and smart devices. However, it is important to check compatibility before making a purchase. Likewise, learn more about data sharing using an eSIM; some eSIM providers have the option to share data across several devices, which can be helpful for travelers.

A trip to India is mesmerizing with its trains, buses, people, and colors, and the key to ensuring you get the most out of it is how connected you remain. The best eSIMs for traveling to India give you seamless connectivity, ensuring you can navigate, chat, and share your experiences without glitches. Check out offers from providers such as Airalo, Ubigi, SimOptions, Maya Mobile, and many others. Among these options, the best overall eSIM for travelers continues to be Yoho Mobile.


Stay connected, stay informed, and enjoy every moment of this amazing Indian adventure.

Traveler using Yoho Mobile eSIM in India

FAQs – eSIM in India

How do I activate my eSIM?

You can install your eSIM by scanning a QR code provided by the eSIM provider or by installing their app to download and install an active eSIM profile.

Is my device compatible with eSIM?

Most new smartphones support eSIMs. However, you should check your phone compatibility in this list.

Can I share data between devices?

Most likely yes but you need to check. Some eSIM providers offer this service, making it convenient for travelers. However, it’s crucial to check before purchasing, as not all providers offer this option!

How much does an eSIM for India cost?

The pricing of an eSIM for India varies depending on the data plan and provider. On average, the prices range between $4.50 and $40.

What are the benefits of using an eSIM in India?

An eSIM is convenient, cost-effective, and flexible. It avoids the need to buy new SIM cards and ensures seamless connectivity while traveling.

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