12 Best France Souvenirs Your Friends Will Love

12 Best France Souvenirs Your Friends Will Love

Going on vacation to France? Great choice! Whether you’re up for a busy 10-day itinerary, exploring quaint medieval towns, soaking in the charm of Paris, or chilling on azure beaches, it’s a trip you’ll always remember. But, have to stop to think about that when this trip ends it will only live on in your memories? Here’s a thought: turn those memories into something real with some of the best souvenirs from France. Choose one you can touch, feel, and bring yourself back to those special days. And don’t forget to grab a little something for your loved ones too! 🎁

Turn your France memories into something real with some of the best souvenirs.


A Reminder of Customs Regulations

Please note that there are many rules from different US agencies about what food can enter the country. There’s no list on one website, but you can start with the USA CBP. A good practice is to declare every item you take on to avoid paying fines of up to $10,000.

Here are a few examples to help with your French souvenirs. Poorly wrapped food can be rejected, and you should bring only small quantities. You can bring home vacuum-sealed cheeses, dried herbs, spices, mushrooms, canned fruits, jams, and more. Baked goods, candy, chocolate, oil, vinegar, mustard, and honey are okay. But no fresh fruits or veggies.


Food And Beverage Souvenirs from France

🍫 French Chocolate

A delightful way to surprise your friend or loved one is to grab a box of artisanal chocolates. 

Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash

In France, making chocolate is a cherished tradition. A sweet treat with all kinds of shapes and flavors. You’ll find artisanal chocolate shops all over, especially in Bordeaux, Bayonne, and Paris. Who can resist a caramel-filled chocolate bonbon? A delightful way to surprise your friend or loved one is to grab a box of artisanal chocolates. 

🧀 French cheese

Not suitable for lactose intolerant! Hard, semi-soft, and pasteurized ones are good to go in the US. Think emmental, comté, brie, camembert, yummy. Also, yogurt and butter are cool. But, soft and runny cheeses like chèvre and those with meat, sorry, they can’t join the party.

☕️ French Tea

France loves tea as much as England, and they’ve got cool brands like Mariages Frères and Kusmi Tea. If you’re into sipping tea or infusions, French tea houses will delight your taste buds. So, grab some as souvenirs and share the tea joy with your sophisticated friends.

🍷 French Wine

Grab a bottle or two as souvenirs from France and share the joy with your sophisticated friends, the best idea!

Photo by Neil Bates on Unsplash

Red, white, or rosé. Wine is all over France, and it’s the go-to drink with tons of types for every taste and budget. Do not think twice, hit up a wine store, try some first, and find one your folks will love. A bottle or two as souvenirs will keep the vibe alive even after your trip.

Champagne, on the other hand, is the real deal, as only the ones from Reims in the Champagne region can be called as such. Cellar experts mix different notes based on the harvest to create the awesome blend we cherish so much. Also, champagne Brut is the most common, with over a fourth-fifth of the bubbly goodness.

🥃 Cognac

Did you know that there is a spirit drink that serves as a digestif? Meet Cognac from the French town of Cognac in Nouvelle Aquitaine—similar to Champagne’s regional exclusivity. Unlike vodka or whisky, which use grains, Cognac depends on scarce and pricier resources and raw materials, making it more expensive. Whether it’s for personal enjoyment or a gift, Cognac serves as a liquid reminder of the country’s exquisite traditions.


More of the best souvenirs from France

🗼Eiffel Tower Souvenirs

Grabbing a petite Eiffel Tower replica is a bit cliché, but it is one of the most visited monuments in France.

Photo by Fiona Murray on Unsplash

If you’re in Paris, first, take our advice on how to spend an amazing day in the City of Lights. Then, grabbing a petite Eiffel Tower replica is almost obligatory. Sure, it’s a bit cliché, but hey, it is one of the most visited monuments in France and an icon of Paris. It’s its unmistakable symbol. When it comes to souvenirs, it is in every corner, on keychains, puzzles, tiny replicas, T-shirts, and magnets. Yet finding one that actually was made in France is a challenge. 

🤴 Le Petit Prince

I’m sure you have heard some of the deep morals and insights of this timeless book. Don’t be fooled by its kid-friendly cover,  you’ll discover profound life lessons for both adults and kids. If you have a bookworm friend, a copy of one of the highest-selling books in France would be a fantastic souvenir.  

🖼️ Postcards

Getting a postcard as a souvenir from France is the best idea. Not only it’s like a snapshot of the places you visited,  it’s a budget-friendly item to bring back home. Whether it’s a new design or a vintage one, your friends would appreciate you sharing an authentic piece of France with them. Find them in any popular flea market for just a few euros. 

🍶 French Perfume

A bottle of a famous Parisian perfume is the best and most chic souvenir from France.

Photo by William Bout on Unsplash

You visited the fashion and elegance hub and came back empty-handed? (your friends might tease you for missing out on the best and most chic souvenirs from France) Bring home at least a bottle of famous Parisian perfumes from brands like Chanel or Dior. It’s a classy souvenir everyone will like, and every spritz will be a reminder of your trip.

👒French Beret

Taking a beret as a souvenir from France can be fun and a unique way to remember your trip. Yet you wouldn’t dare to wear them daily for work. Indeed, a cultural icon of Parisian artists that has become a cliché of France. Opting for a classic French-made beret is absolutely a great souvenir for your Francophile friend.

🎨 French Art

World-famous art museums like the Louvre are found nowhere else but in France. Even renowned painter Monet’s former home was turned into a museum. Explore their gift shops for souvenirs like prints, postcards, and books. For those who appreciate uniqueness, find Les Bouquiniste along the Seine in Paris, an antique store that not only sells old books and leather notebooks but also paintings, and rare finds. Discover one-of-a-type art, amazing books, and maybe a deal.

🧼 French Soap

You will be glad to see the joy on your friends' faces when you gift them lovely scented soap bars.

Photo by Kaja Sariwating on Unsplash

France stands out in various areas, and premium soap is undeniably one of them. Big names like Savon de Marseille and Roger & Gallet dominate the sphere, but you may find smaller artisanal brands, which are more affordable. You will be glad to see the joy on your friends’ faces when you gift them lovely scented soap bars, like lavender or vervain. Did you know the Provence region in France is home to one of the largest lavender fields, and local stores make good use of it? Find out more about Provence in our blog.


Wrapping up on the best souvenirs from France

Choosing France for your vacation is a fantastic idea, but for memories to linger you’ll need to keep dear tokens of your journey—be it chocolates, wines, or cultural treasures like Le Petit Prince or berets. Keep memories alive and share the experience with friends!


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