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What Is The Best eSIM For Asia? What Do You Need to Know?

Do you need an eSIM for traveling to Asia? Discover what they are, how they work, and what factors you must consider when selecting the perfect eSIM for your Asian journey. Let us help you choose the best eSIM option to match your data requirements in Asia!

Dive into the eSIM world for travelers visiting Asia!

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What Exactly Is An eSIM?

This innovative tech lets you ditch the physical SIM card and download your cellular data plan straight to your phone. Yet what exactly is it, and how does it work? Discover the specifics right here!
In general, an eSIM opens a world of possibilities. For instance, with an eSIM, phones can store multiple data plans, so you can switch easily between carriers depending on your needs or location.


To eSIM Or Not To eSIM.

eSIMs were invented to make our lives much easier. For starters, they arrive right to your email so you do not have to wait for deliveries or stress about losing tiny plastic cards. Traveling internationally? Switch between local data plans and skip those absurd roaming charges. eSIMs work seamlessly wherever traditional SIMs do, keeping you connected and secure without relying on risky public Wi-Fi. However, just like any other technology, there are some drawbacks to think about, and we’ve discussed them here.


What Factors Are Crucial for Choosing the Best Asia eSIM?

What Factors Are Crucial for Choosing the Best Asia eSIM?


Hold on before you grab that sweet eSIM deal! Double-check if your phone is compatible first. Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, you need to check if your device is eSIM-compatible and carrier-unlocked. Avoid any surprises and get straight to enjoying your internet!


Picking the perfect travel eSIM starts with one question: where you’re going? eSIMs can cover a single country, a whole region, or even the entire globe. Figure out your potential destinations beforehand so you can choose an eSIM that keeps you connected throughout your trip.


Traveling long or short-term? Grab an eSIM with a weekly or monthly plan so as not to have to top-up every other time. For shorter adventures under a month, a 7-day or 15-day plan can offer more flexibility and affordable prices in most cases.

Data needs

When choosing the right travel data plan, you need to estimate your data usage. For example, light users who check email and social media occasionally can get by with 1GB, while heavy users who stream videos or work online might need unlimited data plans. Not sure how much data you typically use? This guide will help you estimate your data needs for a smooth travel experience.

Customer help

Traveling abroad can be stressful enough, and the last thing you need is to worry about your eSIM connection. Hence, choose an eSIM provider with 24/7 customer support so you can actually reach a real person anytime, like live chat or WhatsApp. Avoid companies stuck in the slow lane with email-only support or clunky chatbots that can’t solve complex problems.


Small data packages might seem like a budget-friendly option, but frequent top-ups can add up quickly. On the other hand, unlimited data plans offer peace of mind but come at a premium. To find your match, factor in your data needs and the price per gigabyte of data. This way, you can pick a plan that matches your data consumption style at the best price possible!

How to know if a plan is cheaper or pricier than another?

Just figure out the cost per gigabyte of data. Take the total price of the plan and divide it by the total amount of GB it offers. That gives you the cost in dollars of each GB of data. For example, if one Asia eSIM plan offers 10GB for $15 and another offers 5GB for $7, it’s hard to know which is better without doing the math. Done that, you know that the first costs $ 1,50 and the second $ 1,40 for every GB. Hence, the second plan offers the best value for price.



What Is The Best eSIM For Asia?

At last, the best eSIM providers so you can find the ideal travel companion for your Asian escapade!


Yoho Mobile

Travel worry-free with Yoho Mobile's Asia eSIM!

Yoho Mobile’s Asia eSIM provides 17 data plans across 29 Asian countries, which is more than most providers. Stay connected with blazing-fast internet speeds (5G/4G/LTE depending on the country) and share the joy with friends by tethering your data connection.

Yoho Mobile's Asia eSIM offers 17 data plans across 29 Asian countries.

They offer a variety of flexible data plans to perfectly match your trip, options range from a day, 7, 15 to an entire month. Budget-conscious travelers will appreciate such affordable limited data plans, starting at just $1.90 up to $32.93 for their 10GB/30-day plan, which is $3.29 per GB of data. That is an impressive cost-effective plan with lower data cost than even Airalo (we’ll get to that in a sec).

Data Duration Price
1 GB 30 Days $6.15
3 GB 30 Days $12.34
5 GB 30 Days $19.04
10 GB 30 Days $32.93
Unlimited 7 Days $34.00
Unlimitedi 15 Days $47.00
Unlimitedp 30 Days $87.55
Yoho Mobile’s Asia eSIM


They also offer a convenient option of 100MB daily data plus unlimited usage for one day, priced at just $1.90, the lowest daily rate available.


Need to stay connected across Asia without data limits? No problem, Yoho has unlimited data plans available too, starting at $34 for a week. And note that every time you shop at Yoho Mobile, you earn points! For instance, you’ll get 88 points for purchasing their 30-day unlimited plan. As these points add up, you can save on future purchases.


Not only that, they also offer a special Yoho Mobile Southeast Asia eSIM for these 8 countries: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. It’s the closest to customizing your own data plan, just the way you want it!

Not enough with that, they offer a special Yoho Mobile Southeast Asia eSIM for 8 countries.

Let’s dive into the specifics. While it focuses mainly on unlimited plans, there are some limited plan options under the ‘Free’ category, ranging from 3, 5 10, 20 to 50 GB for 10, 15, and 30 days. Prices start at $5.99 and go up to $38 for the 50GB/30-day plan, making it an incredible $0.76 per GB of data! You’d be hard-pressed, if not impossible, to find better rates than these!

Data Duration Price
3 GB 10 Days $5.99
3 GB 30 Days $6.50
5 GB 15 Days $8.50
5 GB 30 Days $8.99
10 GB 30 Days $13.00
20 GB 30 Days $19.99
50 GB 30 Days $38.00
Yoho Mobile Southeast Asia limited eSIM plans


Regarding unlimited options, they’ve got four choices based on your daily data needs: Lite, Basic, Advanced, and Pro. Validity is available from one day to a month.
Lite starts at just $1.90 and offers 500MB daily, while Basic provides 1GB daily from $5.74 to $38.36.

Data (daily) Duration Price
500 MB 1 Day $1.90
500 MB 3 Days $4.06
500 MB 5 Days $5.40
500 MB 7 Days $6.75
500 MB 10 Days $8.77
500 MB 15 Days $12.13
500 MB 30 Days $22.20
Data (daily) Duration Price
1 GB 3 Days $5.74
1 GB 5 Days $8.09
1 GB 7 Days $10.45
1 GB 10 Days $14.15
1 GB 15 Days $20.20
1 GB 30 Days $38.36

Yoho Mobile Southeast Asia Lite Unlimited eSIM plans

Yoho Mobile Southeast Asia Basic Unlimited eSIM plans


Need even more daily? Advanced gives you 2GB daily from $8,43 up to $40,37, and for the heaviest users, Pro offers 3GB daily from $10,78 to $51,43.

Data (daily) Duration Price
2 GB 3 Days $8.43
2 GB 5 Days $12.80
2 GB 7 Days $17.17
2 GB 10 Days $19.87
2 GB 15 Days $20.52
2 GB 30 Days $40.37
Data (daily) Duration Price
3 GB 3 Days $10.78
3 GB 5 Days $16.84
3 GB 7 Days $21.40
3 GB 10 Days $27.81
3 GB 15 Days $32.75
3 GB 30 Days $51.43

Yoho Mobile Southeast Asia Advanced Unlimited eSIM plans

Yoho Mobile Southeast Asia Pro Unlimited eSIM plans


Remember, Yoho says these unlimited package eSIMs reset at 0:00 BST every day. Also, Basic, Advanced, and Pro options do not have a one-day validity plan.


Discover what Yoho Mobile customers have to say!



Yoho Mobile doesn’t just offer great data plans, they’ve got a real tech support team to solve any connection issues you face while traveling in Asia. This, combined with their affordable prices and reliable service, makes them a great value option for your Asian adventure. But still, let’s see other eSIM providers to see what else is out there.



Airalo’s flexible eSIM plans have you covered whether you’re on a brief tour or a super extended stay in 18 Asian countries. Choose from data packages ranging from a quick 1GB valid for 7 days to a massive 100GB lasting a full 180 days. Prices are just as flexible, starting at $5 and reaching $185 for the most data-hungry travelers. Plus, Airalo doesn’t sacrifice on speed either, it leverages LTE and even 5G (when available) in these Asian destinations, keeping you uploading, downloading, and streaming with ease.

Nonetheless, Airalo may not suit everyone’s needs in Asia. While they offer a massive 100GB plan, it’s best suited for light data users in long stays (think 6 months!). If you stream videos, use video calls for work, or devour TikTok, 100GB could disappear faster than you think. For casual travelers who check emails, browse social media, and stay connected for short bursts, Airalo is indeed a great option. But for heavy data users, exploring other providers might be a wiser option.

Finding the most affordable data plan is all about understanding the true cost per gigabyte.

Lastly, a piece of advice: finding the most affordable data plan is all about understanding the true cost per gigabyte as we explained before. Don’t be fooled by flashy discounts or seemingly cheap deals. Instead, figure out the real cost per GB. This way, you can easily compare plans and avoid overpaying. For instance, the Airalo Asia plan’s 10GB/30 days at $37 might seem like a bargain at first, but the price per GB is $3.70, making it pricier than other options. So, do the math and find the plan that fits your budget!



Holafly has eSIM data plans for 11 countries in Asia, ensuring you stay connected throughout your travels. While the coverage is not as extensive as that of other providers seen here, Holafly focuses entirely on unlimited data packages. This might be perfect for heavy data users who stream, game, or video call regularly. Plans range from 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 to 30 days, starting at $27.4 up to $79.

However, it’s important to consider some limitations. Holafly plans don’t allow data tethering or hotspot features. So sharing your connection with friends or other devices won’t be possible. In addition, with only 11 covered countries, Holafly might not be ideal if your trip extends beyond these regions.

In short, for travelers who need tethering or broader coverage, other providers like Yoho Mobile might be a better fit. They both offer eSIM plans for Asia with similar validity periods and prices. But Yoho has more flexible options and better deals in Southeast Asia specifically. You can easily compare these plans to see which one works best for you.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your personal needs. If staying connected with unlimited data is your top priority, Holafly offers a compelling solution. But if flexibility and data sharing are crucial, consider other options.


Comparative Chart of Some of the Best eSIM Providers for Asia

Brand Days GB/plan Unlimited data Hotspot Top-up Price Support Trustpilot
Yoho Mobile 30 1/ 3/ 5/ 10 Yes Yes Available $1.9 – $87.55 Direct chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️
Airalo 7/ 30/ 90/ 180 1/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 50/100 No Yes Available $5 – $185 WhatsApp 2.4⭐️
Holafly 5/ 7/10/15/ 20/30 Unlimited data Yes No Available $27 – $79 Direct chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️


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