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Most people know what a SIM card is, they are a small card that sits in the phone and is used to help the phone connect to a specific wireless carrier and use the plan.

Now, eSIM is here and more and more smartphones, tablets and laptops are equipped with eSIM cards. It is a SIM card embedded in your mobile device that connects you to any operator that offers eSIM services. You don’t need a physical SIM card to use it, it exists in your device and you just need to activate it to use it, or even simply switch to a different operator just in the phone settings.

What’s the difference between an eSim vs a physical SIM card?

An eSIM is a digital version of a traditional physical SIM card – a device that is identified and provided with services in the network. It is usually installed in a smartphone by technical means. This greatly improves the experience for people, for example when you change your phone or wireless operator, which you can do with a simple action from anywhere.

FeaturePhysical SIMeSIM
LockedOne SIM per carriersMultiple SIM per carriers.
Dual-SIMSome mobile phonesAny phone with eSIM capability
Switch providerPull out and insertOpen SIM settings
Size dimensions12.3mm x 8.8mmSoftware

Activating a physical SIM plan

What can eSIMs do?

As this feature is built into the phone, it will make it easy for you to manage the plans when you want to. When you are travelling or working remotely, you may need to use a different operator’s plan to help you save on high roaming costs and potentially secure Wi-Fi network environments.

Can eSIMs benefit me?


1. Before, you might have needed two phones to separate your life and work. Now with eSIM, you can control two lines on one phone and you no longer need to hold two phones.

2. When you travel internationally, you no longer need to hunt for a local SIM card in the airport. eSIM allows you to prepare before you travel, giving you ease and flexibility.

3. The digital eSIM also avoids the inconvenience of changing SIMs, as it can be activated by scanning a QR code and can be switched in the system at any time.

4. Security has always been an issue for everyone to consider. eSIM can not be stolen, which will make it immune to transplantation scams, and thieves can not use your SIM card to register for new services or log into your private account.


1. Managers can remotely activate or adjust schedules for thousands of devices at once

2. Remotely update schedules to increase the life of networked machines and reduce maintenance costs

3. Remotely manage tracker devices in transit around the world, reducing costs and increasing efficiency

What phones use eSIMs?

There are currently more than 200 devices on the market that support eSIM. check if your device is compatible. You can see all eSIM-enabled phones here.

These devices are not compatible: iPhones from Mainland China and iPhone devices from Hong Kong and Macau (except iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone XS).

How do I activate my eSIM?


Make sure you are on a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

From your home screen, tap settings > cellular > add cellular plan.

Use your phone camera to scan the QR code or manually enter the SMDP+ address shown below.

Tap add cellular plan.


Make sure you’re on a reliable Wi-Fi Connection.

From your home screen, tap Settings > Connections > SIM card manager > Add Mobile Plan > Scan Carrier QR Code.

Use your phone camera to scan the QR code or manually enter the SMDP+ address

Tap Confirm.


Make sure you’re on a reliable Wi-Fi Connection.

From you home screen, tap Settings > Network & Internet.

Next to SIMs choose the plus symbol and tap Download your SIM > Next > T-Mobile.

Use your phone camera to scan the QR code or manually enter the SMDP + address.

Tap Confirm.

Other Important Points for activating your eSIM

1. The QR code is unique and can only be tied to one device, so once you have started the installation, make sure you complete the loading process.

2. If you select Delete in the eSIM settings, then this will permanently delete the eSIM data.

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