Unable activate? No data?

There could be two areas where the eSIM installation and activation is not functioning as expected:

Please take only 3-5mins to walk through these different scenarios with you:

Scenario 1: Trouble with eSIM installation

1. check your device compatible or unlock phone.

2. Change Network Connection: First, switch to another network connection and try again. This initial step is crucial for troubleshooting.

Scenario 2: No Data or Connectivity Issues After Successful Installation and Activation

1. stuck at activating: After activating the eSIM, it may take 5-45 minutes for it to establish connectivity. 

2. Enable eSIM Line: Ensure that you’ve enabled the eSIM line in your Cellular Settings and set it as the default for Cellular Data.

3. Enable Data Roaming: Go to Settings > Cellular, select your eSIM profile, and make sure “Data Roaming” is switched ON.

4. Airplane Mode Reset: Turn on Airplane Mode for 30 seconds, then turn it off to reset your connectivity settings.

5. Check APN Settings: Verify that your Access Point Name (APN) settings are correct. Configure them if needed.

6. Restart Your Phone: If none of the above steps work, try turning your phone off and then restarting it.

Contact Customer Support: If you’ve checked all these points and your eSIM plan still isn’t working, there may be technical issues with the eSIM or the vendor. In such cases, contact customer support for resolution.

When reaching out to customer support, provide screenshots or recordings of any error messages you encounter to help diagnose and resolve the issue.

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