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In 2016, the GSM Association released the specification for the eSIM card for smartphones, marking the official birth of the eSIM.

So, what exactly is eSIM?

When you see the term “eSIM,” you might think that “e” stands for “electronic,” suggesting that it’s an electronic SIM card. However, that’s not entirely true. eSIM refers to Embedded-SIM, which is essentially still a SIM card, but it has been packaged as an SON-8 IC and directly embedded onto the circuit board.

eSIM, also known as virtual SIM or SIM-less technology, is a programmable SIM card that is embedded inside a device. Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, eSIM cards do not require physical insertion or removal, and can be activated and configured through software. Additionally, eSIM cards are programmable and support remote activation, installation, and download through OTA (over the air) updates, greatly improving people’s lives. With eSIM technology, users can easily activate, add, or delete data plans from carriers on their devices without the need to physically replace SIM cards. The emergence of eSIM technology has made devices more lightweight and portable, and improved user convenience and experience.

Saved time cost.

Typically, when we want to buy a SIM card, we need to go out to the telecom operator’s store or a convenience store to purchase a new SIM card. However, if your phone is equipped with an eSIM card, you don’t need to go out to buy it. You can purchase the operator’s service at home. Similarly, when you travel to other countries, you don’t need to buy a SIM card for the tourist destination in advance online. You can directly switch to the communication operator’s network of that country. For example, if you use our Yoho Mobile operator, when you travel to other countries, you can directly purchase the data plan for that country on our official website. We also provide the cheapest and most cost-effective mobile data services.

Environmental friendly


Compared to using traditional SIM card phones, using phones with eSIM cards is more environmentally friendly. The use of eSIM eliminates the need for physical SIM cards and avoids unnecessary manufacturing and disposal of plastic cards, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Nowadays, global phone manufacturers are also promoting eSIM cards. The iPhone in the United States has completed the upgrade from SIM cards to eSIM cards. This also reflects Apple’s sustainable and green environmental philosophy. It is believed that this technology will soon be popularized and implemented in more countries.



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