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Naples’ Must-Visit Beaches: Sun, Sea, and Sand in Italy

Oh,  Naples. Can you imagine a place where the aroma of freshly baked pizza mingles with the salty breeze of the Mediterranean? Not only does Naples offer a perfect blend of culinary delights, but also coastal beauty. Join us on this coastal odyssey through some of the best beaches in Naples, Italy, where each cove holds a story to discover.


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Join us on this coastal odyssey through some of the best beaches in Naples, Italy, where each cove holds a story to discover.


Spiaggia Marina Grande

Marina Grande Beach is right in the town of Sorrento, on Capri Island, overlooking the Bay of Naples. Therefore, it offers visitors stunning scenery, clear blue waters, and towering cliffs. Once a quiet fishing village, it is now a bustling port, welcoming boats from all over to its cozy island near Naples. Despite such proximity to the port, it maintains a sense of calmness, especially during quieter periods, allowing visitors to enjoy it in an intimate way.

Not only it is famous for its sun-soaked breakwater, but also its impressive mountains, rocky terrain, and colorful houses as a backdrop. Such scenery is breathtaking in every shade imaginable, along with the lively mix of sleek yachts, colorful fishing boats, and grand ferries. No wonder, many travelers choose Marina Grande Beach as a gateway to taste the magic of Capri. While many other beaches in Naples, Italy are heavily commercialized, this one retains its old charm of a traditional fishing village. That’s why visitors can observe local fishermen at work, an authentic glimpse into its proud maritime heritage.

On the other hand, Marina Grande offers shopping streets to explore and grab affordable snacks. While it is usually peaceful, it can get busy during peak hours. To make the most of your visit, consider planning your trip during quieter times.

Some Facts to Know About This Beach


Spiaggia degli Inglesi

Also known as the Beach of the English, it is nestled in Posillipo with breathtaking views of Mount Vesuvius and the islands of Iscia and Procida. Inglesi is a beloved beach for locals and visitors alike because it’s a quaint hidden gem tucked among the rocks near the main port of Ischia Island in Naples, Italy.

Although somehow isolated, it offers a wide array of convenient amenities like showers, cozy cafés, and sunbed rentals. While the stony seabed may not be ideal for strolls, it’s ideal for snorkeling thanks to breakwaters along the shore that make the waters calm with minimal waves. At times, you might even feel the gentle warmth from nearby thermal springs, adding to the beach’s unique experience.

Inglesi is among the best beaches for locals and visitors alike in Naples, Italy.


Some Facts to Know About This Beach


Gaiola Beach

Nestled between the Gaiola Nature Reserve and the Underwater Park of the same name, Gaiola Beach is one of Naples’ beaches ideal for swimming and snorkeling in Italy. Simply put serene atmosphere and crystal-clear turquoise waters between two rocky outcrops. However, it’s worth mentioning that its pristine environment is a result of a great effort of devoted volunteers and teams to keep it clean. Thus, snorkelers flock here for the vibrant marine life, from colorful fish to curious crabs.

The beach is about 30 minutes away, with a bit of a hilly path that adds to the thrill. Also, divided into two parts, one within the park requiring an ID for entry, and the other completely free to visit. Despite the walk and such formalities, many swear by the chance to bask in a serene, pristine beach setting.

Apart from its natural beauty and relevance, Gaiola Beach remains easily accessible from Naples city center, making it a convenient option for locals and tourists alike. In addition, amenities such as restaurants are available nearby.

Gaiola Beaches is an ideal spot to swim and snorkel in Italy.


Some Facts to Know About This Beach


Lido di Napoli

It is along the coast in the Gulf of Naples and offers a fantastic view of the Mount and the azure waters of the Mediterranean. With its crystal clear sea, soft golden sands, and plenty of amenities like bars, and water sports rentals, it’s the go-to spot for summer escapades. While the food might be a bit pricey, the overall atmosphere and facilities make it worth it for those who seek clean and lively beaches in Naples, Italy.

It is situated along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Gulf of Naples and offers a fantastic view of Mount Vesuvius and the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

Some Fun Facts to Know About This Beach


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