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Looking for the Best eSIM in the UK: Here Are The Top Providers

Not convinced about which eSIM to choose for your UK trip? This guide will explore a curated list of eSIM providers with outstanding data solutions tailored to your UK travel needs.

Not convinced about which eSIM to choose for your UK trip? This guide will explore a curated list of eSIM providers with outstanding data solutions tailored to your UK travel needs.Image by freepik


Compare and Discover the Best eSIM for Europe!



Why Opt for an eSIM When Traveling to the UK?

eSIMs can drastically improve your travel experience in the UK. For starters, eSIMs let you switch carriers and data plans seamlessly on your phone, saving you time and stress. No more waiting for physical SIM cards or struggling with SIM trays. With a few clicks, you can connect to a local network, be ready to explore, share photos, and stay in touch, all without worrying about costly roaming fees.

In addition, eSIMs make managing your mobile connections smoother. Most devices can store multiple eSIM profiles, so you can switch them based on network coverage. Although only two eSIM profiles can be active at once, you can keep multiple eSIMs on a device. Switching between carriers can be very useful in UK areas where one provider might have spotty coverage but another offers a strong signal.

Another benefit is that they’re more secure, being embedded in the phone makes them harder to steal or remove to avoid being tracked. They’re also more durable and eco-friendly as they produce no plastic waste.

A quick reminder before you get an eSIM for your trip to the UK: verify your device is compatible. It is one of the most common newbie mistakes. In general, most modern Android and iPhone models are compatible. Unsure about your device? This quick compatibility check is recommended.


What is the Best eSIM Provider in the UK?

Exploring a foreign country like the UK is exciting, but deciding on the best eSIM provider to stay connected is an unnecessary stress. With an endless list of eSIM providers and data options in the UK, we get why so many people feel lost. For that reason, we want to help you find the perfect fit for your adventures in the UK.


Yoho Mobile

Yoho Mobile offers the best value for money for globetrotters and tourists alike in the UK and across 190 destinations. They provide a wide range of data plans tailored to meet their users’ specific needs. Choose from options like super-affordable data packages or unlimited plans for complete peace of mind. Plus, their user-friendly website and app let you manage your plan, top up data on the fly, share the connection, and stay in control wherever you roam. No doubt, Yoho Mobile makes global connectivity easier and empowers its users to explore the world without limitations.

Yoho Mobile is one of the best eSIM providers in the UK and across 190 destinations.

From a small and affordable 1GB plan for basic browsing to unlimited data packages for avid streamers, Yoho Mobile offers options for every need. Are you in for a short trip or a whole month? Their plans range from 7 days to 30 days. Plus, you can share your connection with friends using the hotspot feature. Worried about running low on data? No need, a top-up option lets you add more data on the go. And to make things even better, Yoho Mobile lets you bring your friends along and get $2 off your next purchase for both. It’s the perfect way to stay connected and share your adventures in the UK.



Nomad offers affordable data plans in over 140 countries, from the bustling Americas to historic Europe and vibrant Asia. Take their Local UK plans, for instance. A popular option grants you 3GB of data, valid for a whole month for $8, while the best seller offers 10GB for the same period at $15. This latter is quite enough to keep you connected throughout your trip, to upload some envy-inducing photos, or to call loved ones back home from time to time.

Likewise, Nomad works on all major UK networks, ensuring you have a reliable connection wherever you roam. It also lets you top-up with extra data if needed. So ditch the stress of finding a WiFi and focus on making memories that last a lifetime. However, two of the biggest drawbacks of Nomad are that it doesn’t offer unlimited data and support via email rather than other means like phone or live chat.



Holafly is a reliable choice that has been there for over 5 years, keeping travelers connected in more than 160 destinations. Precisely, their eSIM plans for the UK offer a range of unlimited options from 1 to 90 days, that way users can choose the best data plan to match their trip duration.

As with the majority of eSIM services, you receive your eSIM instantly via email, so you do not have to wait for a physical SIM card or visit a store upon arrival. Holafly’s got your back with customer support in multiple languages, so rest assured that help is always available if you need it. Their plus is unlimited data on most plans, including the UK eSIM plans, letting you navigate, use social media, and stay in touch with loved ones back home without worrying about data consumption.

Their unlimited plans cater to trips of all lengths, from weekend getaways to three months. though, data speed might vary depending on usage, and hotspot is not available at all. So, check the specifics before getting their UK eSIM to ensure it fits your needs



Airalo is best known for its affordable eSIM plans. They work in over 200 countries, including the UK, with options for short trips or extended adventures so you can stay online anywhere your wanderlust takes you. Short European weekend or a month-long trip around the UK? Local or regional plan? Feel free as its Europe plan also covers the UK. You can pick data plans from 1GB to 20GB, for 7, 15, or 30 days. It might not be the most flexible, but it works for most travelers.

They mainly offer capped data plans and no unlimited options for heavy data consumers. Usually, 1-2GB each week is enough for travelers to browse the internet, use GPS, and keep in contact. However, if you want to share many videos or use your phone to connect other devices to the internet, you might require more data. Lastly, considering the user satisfaction rating of 2.4/5 stars on Trustpilot, it’s evident that users have reported serious issues concerning their service.



Ubigi’s eSIMs are your secret weapon for staying connected on longer trips to the UK. Indeed they have a plan for a whole year in the UK, ideal for nomads, foreign workers, or students. Known for its affordability and ease of use, Ubigi offers a variety of options to fit your needs, from light browsing to data-heavy activities.

Unlimited data isn’t available, but their plans are competitively priced. For instance, their yearly 24GB plan is fairly priced at $42! That’s 2GB of data per month to use on a fast and reliable network.



A Comparative Analysis of the Best eSIM Providers in the UK

Brand Days GB/plan Unlimited data Hotspot Top-up Price Support Trustpilot
Yoho Mobile 7/ 10/15 /30 1/ 3/ 5/ 10 Yes Yes Available $3.59 – $63 Direct chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️
Nomad 7/ 30 1/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 20 No Yes Available $7 – $21 Email 4.4⭐️
Holafly 1 – 90 Unlimited data Yes No Available $6 – $139 Direct chat, WhatsApp, Email 4.6⭐️
Airalo 7/ 15/30 1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 20 No Yes Available $5 – $36 WhatsApp 2.4⭐️
Ubigi 30/ 365 3/ 10/ 24/ 50 No Yes Available $7- $42 Direct chat, Email 4.2⭐️


So, which one is the best eSIM provider for the UK?

Yoho Mobile seems to be the strongest contender in the UK eSIM market. Their diverse plan options cater to different data needs, with some plans offering unlimited data, top-up, and hotspot features. They also provide top-notch customer support through several channels whenever needed. This blend of flexibility, affordability, and reliable service makes Yoho Mobile a compelling choice for travelers in the UK.


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