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How to Activate an eSIM

Purchase an eSIM to get an activation QR code. Follow the simple steps below.


Step 1/3 : Go to Setting –Go to cellular -Go to ‘Add Data plan’ -scan QR code.

Install eSIM

Step 2/3 : Scan the QR code. Follow the prompts to install the new Data Plan.

Activate eSIM

Step 3/3 : Plan added! Turn on Data Roaming in your phone’s Settings : Cellular Data > Your new eSIM plan.

( Activation can be done outside eSIM supporting area and will get signal reception automatically when you arrived the supported region/countries.)

You are ready to surf!

Additional Set up needed for : ‘Certain Plans’

Important notes :

Unable to scan? : Try Manual Activation

Unable activate? No data? : Troubleshoot your eSIM

Manual APN set up : Manual APN set up


Before purchase, please check on : Are my devices compatible with eSIM?

Activate it now or later? : Activate it first and use it later?

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