Compare and Discover the Best eSIM for Europe!

Compare and Discover the Best eSIM for Europe!

In the vast world of eSIM, choosing the best provider in Europe feels daunting. Don’t worry, we are going to uncover the crème de la crème of eSIMs right now! —whether your wanderlust takes you to Europe or beyond.

Before we start, we won’t be going into the details of what an eSIM is in this article. To know the basics please refer to this article.  It’s important to recognize that eSIMs are gaining popularity for their simplicity and speed. Leading providers like Apple in the US are heading to a future without SIM cards. The newest iPhone model for instance doesn’t support physical SIMs at all. Also, there’s no need to go through the trouble of finding a local store or dealing with paperwork—getting it from home is often cheaper than dealing with roaming fees. Let’s dive in then!


Choose the Right eSIM for Your European Travel

While every provider brings something to the table, understanding the basic criteria is key to finding the best eSIM.

First, check if the eSIM coverage works well where you’re going. Usually, eSIM brands partner with local providers to boost coverage, and that may make it great in some places but not so good in others. Thus, you have to consider the local provider’s service to opt for an eSIM brand accordingly.

Second, think about where you’re going before choosing between local or regional eSIMs. Your eSIM should match your travel plans effortlessly, for example for a single-country adventure, opt for an eSIM designed specifically for that spot. On the other side, regional eSIMs are the go-to choice if you’re planning a tour around Europe and visiting several countries in the same area. It’s a no-brainer, instead of getting a local SIM for each country, opt for a regional eSIM covering all the European countries on your itinerary, which is hassle-free and cheaper. Just double-check the specific list of countries included before. Don’t assume that the label “Europe” covers all countries, because it doesn’t necessarily.

A valid question to ask is whether a global eSIM exists. Not available yet, given that eSIMs rely on local mobile carriers. The closest it can get is wide regional plans for specific areas like Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.

Thirdly, having a rough idea of the data required for activities like browsing, social media, or streaming is essential. Take this article as a guide and figure it out based on your activities. Also, consider your trip duration, the more days you pick, the higher the cost. Strike the perfect balance between your data needs and the duration of your trip.


What is the best Esim for Europe?

Among so many eSIM providers globally, we’ve found a reliable choice in YohoMobile for our eSIM needs during our trip to Europe. Why, you ask? Hang in there for the details.

YohoMobile always provide the best Europe eSIM.

YohoMobile always provides the best Europe eSIM

For starters, it has tailored data packages for about 31 European countries, 190 in total, and some popular spots like France, Italy, Spain, and Greece are covered. A one-stop solution for your travel needs and 24-hour support through WhatsApp or email, it seems like a solid choice! There’s even more.


Key aspects not to be missed

  1. Fast delivery and activation: Get it instantly in your email, within 5 minutes, and swiftly connect as soon as you’re on the right cellular network.
  2. Value for money: YohoMobile outshines the competition with the best price per GB, making it a cost-effective choice against roaming charges. Europe plans begin at only $3.50!
  3. Varied data options: from the extensive Europe plan to country-specific plans, there’s a data plan to suit every need.
  4. Helpful support team: their customer service team is there to lend a hand whenever you run into any eSIM-related issue.
  5. Data sharing made easy: create a hotspot, and connect other devices in a breeze.
  6. Fast Internet: Enjoy 5G/4G/LTE speeds during your travels.
  7. Unlimited data plans starting at $26: Enjoy speeds up to 5Mbps.

YohoMobile is a reliable choice during a trip to Europe.

Bear in mind that an eSIM, being a virtual SIM, lacks a phone number for traditional calls. Yet you can still make voice and video calls using apps like WhatsApp, or iMessage.


Additional options to consider

In the first place, Holafly might be pricey, but it is for one good reason, it offers limitless data for avid data users. This would allow you to streamline all your data needs into a single cost-effective plan. Each eSIM data package ensures not only unrestricted data but also the flexibility to choose between 5 and 90 days to align with your travel agenda. With every eSIM comes some user-friendly features, like tracking your plan validity. What we liked the most about Holafly was their 60 minutes of calls with our plan, but not being able to create a hotspot really got on our nerves. Having a lot of data is not as useful if you can’t share it with friends and other devices, right?

Next, Airalo’s Eurolink offers various eSIM plans for Europe. It shines for being very cost-effective and flexible for short and long-term use. You can choose a regional or a country plan for about 200 countries. Hands down, they excel in providing a variety that caters to almost anyone, but the elephant in the room is not having unlimited data plans. Sure, it’s not the end of the world, but streaming in a decent quality during travel, sorry—no can do.


This is the ultimate eSIM for France – don’t miss out if you’re planning to travel!

In the same way, Airhub gives you plenty of choices, in fact up to 15 plans for a single country, and the speed is great in most countries. Their plans include data, voice minutes, and SMS, but not many regional plans, except for Europe. Their interface is user-friendly and that’s always a plus – no struggling to find things. Just be aware of some service fees at checkout.

Nomad, as the name suggests, is a great choice for globe-trotters. Their eSIMs are one of the best to consider for Europe, perfect for short trips without breaking the bank. Indeed, they’re all about quick, budget-friendly, and hassle-free plans. Despite Nomad’s good coverage for their 7 and 15-day plans, it doesn’t have unlimited options, includes only a limited set of countries, and lacks real-time support.

Finally, there is Ubigi, another well-known global eSIM provider covering over 190 countries. They offer budget-friendly plans, including European eSIM options which are the most cost-effective, in our opinion. They had in mind users with varying data needs, including those who use low, medium, and high amounts. Ubigi ensures instant connectivity in Europe and even includes free 5G at no extra cost or reliable 4G coverage where 5G is not available.


FAQs about the best ESIM for Europe

Is it easy to set up an eSIM for Europe?

Getting an eSIM for Europe is as easy as buying it online, scanning a QR code, and setting it up before or upon arrival.

Can I keep using my phone number with an eSIM?

Yes, after activating a Yoho Mobile eSIM, you can still use your original SIM for calls and text messages.

Are eSIMS secure?

Compared to public Wi-Fi, sure they are! eSIMs and physical SIM cards provide a similar level of security and the firsts are even safer because they can’t be removed, so there’s no risk of loss. What’s more, Yoho Mobile network ensures end-to-end encryption, so your data stays safe.

Does an eSIM affect your phone’s speed?

No, using an eSIM or a physical SIM doesn’t slow down your phone. The network speed depends on your location, carrier, and network conditions.

How do I know if my phone is eSIM-compatible?

Don’t worry, almost all phones nowadays are compatible, and that includes the latest iPhone and Samsung models. Check our detailed list to confirm before buying.


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