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The Best 5 Beaches in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona draws attention to its culture, food, and urban vibes, yet, this city of Spain has more to offer, like its unique beaches. Visitors go tied to a travel agenda and, don’t get me wrong; it’s a smart move, take ours as an option. How can anyone miss them if its coast spans 60 miles? Maybe because it is pretty recent. These haven-like shores were once industrial deserts in the ’90s.

Today, some offer water sports and adventure, while others a place to lay back. There’s a fit for all, even pet lovers. Then, let’s explore beyond the usual. We’re here to help you see the whole picture of some of Spain’s best beaches, not just the popular ones, so you to pick the ideal beach to add to your next trip.


1. Barceloneta Beach

Of course, we have to start with one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona, often called the Miami Beach of Spain. Picture golden shores and deep blue waters in the old fishing zone. It’s a go-to for most classic Spanish cuisine and a popular tourist spot year-round.

Expect a vibrant scene, but a fun-packed one. Even though it gets crowded, the fun and food are worth it. For fresh catches, head to “chiringuitos”, a seafood feast spot by the sea. Moreover, it’s just a quick 20-minute walk to the city center. It’s the ideal choice if you want to stay near the main attractions.

In short, whether you’re into sea, sand, or seafood, it has you covered. It’s got a lively, busy scene with classic cuisine, exciting events, and a sweet spot to the city nearby.

Length: 422m

Average width: 79m

Services: bathrooms, lockers, showers, lifeguard, volleyball court, kids play area, food and beverage vendors, water sports, sea space center, WiFi, bicycle rental, chair and umbrella rentals.

Pro-tips: pack your own sunscreen and towel; prices here are quite high. If you want a quiet, relaxed place, this isn’t the right choice.

Our rating: 3/5


2. Bogatell Beach

This beach, the second on our list, holds the Blue Flag award, for cleanliness and quality. Near the Olympic port, and neatly divided from its neighbors by sturdy breakwaters. Unlike them, it was meant to be a quieter, more laid-back beach, alluring to a mature audience without missing out on the fun.

Just a 20-minute ride from the metro station, this beach in Barcelona, Spain, is not just a haven for tourists; but for locals too. In that sense, it’s a family-friendly spot with plenty of facilities for kids, as well as options to windsurf, kitesurf, or kayak in the open sea. Also, the beachfront restaurants offer a high-quality dining experience. Despite being smaller and away from touristy areas, it excels at being cleaner, safer, and an excellent spot to relax or take a dip.

Length: 702m

Average width: 100m

Pro-tips: safety’s a plus there, it’s still a good idea to watch over your stuff.

Services: lifeguards, restrooms, showers, wheelchair access, fitness area, kids play area, ping pong tables, basketball and volleyball courts, beach soccer, kiosks, chair and umbrella rentals.

Our rating: 5/5


3. Nova Mar Bella Beach

To the north of Mar Bella and on the way to Barceloneta lies this Blue Flag winner and a women’s favorite It’s a calm, family-friendly beach with a well-liked kids’ slide. Locals love it for a peaceful day in the sun, even though the sun shines hot here over 300 days a year.

This calm sanctuary with virgin sands attracts a younger crowd, mostly from Sant Martí.

Like its neighbors, Nova Mar Bella Beach was part of the Olympic Games coastal revamp in Barcelona. Now, they put extra effort into making it accessible and enjoyable, with a focus on those with limited mobility. Many volunteers are on hand to ensure everyone can relish the seaside. It’s a welcoming place for all.

Length: 420m

Average width: 87m

Services: adapted public toilets and showers, public phones, lifeguard, police station, parking, volleyball courts, food and drink vendors, chair and umbrella rentals.

Pro-tip: this beach offers volunteer aid upon prior notice at the beach’s information center, and requires someone over 18 to be with the disabled person.

Our rating: 4/5


4. Mar Bella Beach

In 1992, this once-damaged coastline changed. Locals had always valued it, and now, visitors can get to see its splendor. Just 15 minutes from the city center, Mar Bella Beach, a unique Blue Flag gem in between the earlier two, is an escape from pushy beach vendors and the busy city.

It also embraces an open-minded and fun-loving spirit, and that’s why it attracts a diverse crowd. What sets it apart is a clothing-optional section, which is a popular hangout for the LGBT community. The other end of the beach is discreetly divided by a dune and it’s a family-friendly spot. While it lacks bars and restaurants, it makes it up with activities like volleyball, swimming, and windsurfing. It even has a nautical base for water sports and a beach library for summer reading.

With its varied options, Mar Bella Beach is one of the top beaches in Barcelona and Spain for families and couples. It’s larger than nearby beaches, making it an ideal choice whether you’re a sports enthusiast or simply looking for a relaxed beach day.

Length: 512m

Average width: 71m

Services:  Adapted public toilets and showers, basketball baskets, kids play area, lifeguard, lockers, public phones, skateboarding area, table tennis tables, volleyball courts, yacht base, library, kiosks, chair and umbrella rentals.

Our rating: 5/5


5. Nova Icària Beach

For those seeking peaceful beaches in Barcelona and in Spain, Nova Icària Beach is the best bet. Families, water sports enthusiasts, and relaxation seekers all enjoy its clear waters and pristine sand.

Nova Icària Beach attracts diverse visitors and stands out as one of the top coastal gems, we’d dare to say even in Spain. It’s perfect for families, sea lovers, and those seeking relaxation. It’s conveniently located near Port Olímpic, another hub for water-based activities, and is close to Passeig Marítim, offering plenty of dining options.

For sports enthusiasts, Nova Icària is a top spot, with English-language water sports instruction. It allures a diverse range of visitors: teens revel in beach volleyball, while parents bond with their kids. Whether you seek a safe place to swim and cool off, Nova Icària has something for everyone.

Length: 415m

Average width: 81m

Services: adapted public toilets and showers, kids’ play area, lifeguard lockers, volleyball courts, kiosks

Our rating: 4/5


Final Words: Barcelona’s Beaches Unveiled

To sum up, it isn’t just about rich culture and urban energy; Barcelona excels at its paradisiacal beaches. Only by exploring beyond the beaten path you can find such hidden beaches in Spain.


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