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April Fools’ Day: 16 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

April 1st brings April Fools’ Day to lighten the mood and have fun at the expense (not the heartbreak) of friends and family. Buckle up and prepare to be surprised as we have 16 fun facts about April Fools’ Day you might not have known!

Buckle up and prepare to be surprised as we have 16 fun facts about April Fools' Day you might not have known!

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Where Did April Fools’ Day Come From?

No one knows for sure how April Fools' Day started, but there are lots of fun facts about it.

It’s a mystery! No one knows for sure how April Fools’ Day started, but there are lots of fun facts about its origin.

The idea might have started in France around 1582 when they switched calendars. Back then, the new year was celebrated near the spring equinox in April, similar to Hindus.

When the New Year’s Day switch happened, a few folks held onto the old way even after the calendar officially switched to January 1st. They kept celebrating it in the last week of March. Then on April 1st, they became good-natured targets for pranks and were playfully nicknamed “April fools.”

How Long Does April Fool’s Day Last?

April Fools’ fun has different time limits around the world. For instance, in Canada, Australia, and the UK, jokesters have to be quick to fool friends before lunch or they become the April Fool themselves!

But for those in Germany, Japan, and the USA, the whole day is open season for pranks. And in some places like Scotland they stretch the silliness out for two whole days!


How Do Different Cultures Prank Each Other?

Certainly, April Fools’ Day is a global day of laughter and joyful fun. People from all corners come up with creative pranks and jokes to trick their friends and family. While the ways to celebrate it may differ, it’s a day to share some smiles and silly moments.

April Fools' Day is a global day of laughter and joyful fun!

Usual pranks are those that swap yummy treats for unexpected surprises. Imagine going for sugar to sweeten your cereal, but tasting salt instead. Or biting into a cupcake thinking it’s vanilla, only to find sour cream. Also, putting toothpaste in Oreos or swapping M&Ms for Brussels sprouts. These taste surprises always bring laughter, leaving everyone surprised and giggling.

But let’s look at some other prank ideas for April Fool’s Day in other countries. You’d be surprised by their creativity!



As we said earlier, in Scotland, they celebrate April 1st trickery for two whole days. The first is called “Hunt the Gowk Day” (Gowk means cuckoo or fool!), and the second “Taily Day.” On Hunt the Gowk Day, someone might send you on a wild goose chase with a fake message, turning you into the fool! Then, on Taily Day, watch your back as they like to stick funny signs like “Kick Me”.



In France, April 1st is called “Poison d’Avril,” which means “April Fish.” People playfully stick paper fish on each other’s backs to prank them. It’s about a good laugh and not being too serious.



In many Spanish-speaking countries, people celebrate April Fools’ Day similarly to other places but with a twist: it’s in December. The last days of this month (27, 28 or 29) burst with laughter and pranks on a day called Día de los Inocentes (Day of the Innocents).



Germany gets their share of the fun on April Fools’ Day too! On April 1st, Germans better watch out for playful pranks and silly jokes from friends, family, and even the media. The jokester will likely shout “April, April!” to let you know you’re the official “April fool” for the day. It’s all part of the cheerful tradition, a chance to share a laugh and maybe even get revenge with your own prank later!



Every April 1st, newspapers, websites, and even TV stations join the fun by creating fake stories and sneaky tricks. These can be anything from a small joke to a wild tale. You might read about a famous place moving or a strange new law about your favorite food, all just for laughs! It’s a great day to laugh and see who gets caught by surprise.



In Ireland, a long time ago, people loved to play a trick on April Fools’ Day. They’d hand someone a sealed letter, saying it was super important. The person who receives it would rush off to deliver it, only to be sent on a silly chase to the next person who read the inside: “Send the fool further!” It was a hilarious way to get them running in circles!



This day in the UK is all about playing funny tricks and jokes too. For instance, sneaking a whoopie cushion onto someone’s seat and shouting “April fools!” when they sit down. Then, the person who falls for it becomes the “April fool” for the day.

Also, one fun facts about April Fools’ Day in the UK and some countries that share British roots is that pranks are only okay in the morning. So, if they plan anything later, they might end up being the one fooled if it’s past noon!


Do Companies Prank on April Fools Day?

Of course, companies love to join in the fun for the day by playing some hilarious pranks on their customers. A fun way to engage and get them to talk about their brand. Don’t be alarmed in case you read some outrageous news on April 1, it’s all part of the game!

Brands love to join in the fun for the day by playing some hilarious pranks on their customers.


BBC: Spaghetti Tree

Ever heard of such a tree? As unlikely as it may seem, the BBC fooled viewers in 1957 with a news report on a bumper spaghetti harvest in Switzerland! People were so convinced, the BBC got flooded with requests to buy their own plants. The next day, they had to come clean, but it remains in the Hall of Fame of April Fool’s Day pranks.


Swedish TV: Color TV Prank

In 1962, Swedish TV aired a prank claiming nylon stockings could magically turn black and white TV into color. The segment seemed scientific, fooling many viewers into trying it themselves. But it was just an April Fools’ joke that left everyone laughing.


Taco Liberty Bell

In 1996, Taco Bell played a memorable joke. They took out a big newspaper ad claiming they bought the Liberty Bell to ease the national debt. But the twist? They said they’d rename it the “Taco Liberty Bell.” Some people fell for it, getting worried about the national symbol.

In 1996, Taco Bell played a memorable April Fool's Day joke.


Google: Master of Pranks

Google loves a good April Fools’ joke! They’ve fooled us with everything from “Google Nose,” a search engine for smells (because who wouldn’t want to virtually sniff out a bakery from across town?), to a fake partnership with Nintendo that promised you could catch Pokémon in Google Maps. Who wouldn’t love to catch a Pikachu while checking the bus route?

Google loves a good April Fools' joke.



Back in 2018, Tesla CEO surprised us with a fake tequila brand related to his company. People wondered if Tesla was getting into the alcohol business or if it was a marketing trick. Elon, who loves to joke around, kept people guessing for the day. In the end, it was a clever April Fool’s Day joke.

Back in 2018, Tesla CEO surprised us with "Tesla quila," a fake tequila brand related to his company.


Fool-Proof Your April 1st: Safe Pranking

During April Fools’ Day have fun while keeping it safe.

Avoid pranks that could cause panic or fake emergencies. Think about it: how it would be if firefighters rushed to a building you claimed was on fire, only to find out it was a joke? Not only is that a waste of resources, but it could delay help for someone in a real crisis. Instead, opt for harmless and creative pranks, make April Fools’ Day about laughter, not trouble!

April Fools' Day is for having fun, but it is even best to keep it safe.

Unfortunately, some truly important news stories have been mistaken for hoaxes because of the day they landed. In 1946, a powerful earthquake struck the Aleutian Islands, triggering warnings of a deadly tsunami. Tragically, some people dismissed the warnings as a prank because it fell on April Fool’s Day. In general, the confusion caused a lot of damage, leading to a higher death count in Hawaii and Alaska. This event is a stark reminder to stay vigilant even on days filled with laughter and light-hearted jokes.


Play some harmless pranks, and have a laugh with friends, but remember to keep it safe.

After all, the best pranks are the ones that leave everyone smiling!


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