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A Perfect 3-Day Itinerary in Rome with Yoho Mobile eSIM

Are you looking for a 3-day itinerary for Rome? This is for you then! From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, my 3-day itinerary in Rome wasn’t short of unique experiences. So, stick around till the end for the best tips on exploring this timeless city.

Unveil the magic of Rome in just three unforgettable days and share the experience with seamless connectivity that reaches every corner!

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, my 3-day itinerary in Rome wasn't short of unique experiences.Image by frimufilms on Freepik

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Day 1/3 of my Itinerary in Rome: Ancient Splendor

As the plane landed in Italy, I was very excited about the adventure waiting for me in Rome. From the first day on, I tried to explore the ancient history of every piazza and monument in the city.

I started my journey at the famous Colosseum, a huge arena where ancient gladiators once cheered. I stood in awe of the amazing architecture and imagined the incredible events that had occurred inside. Our tour guide was passionate and shared fascinating details about gladiator fights and the grandeur of ancient Rome, which was thrilling. Also, we got to see the awesome views from the emperor’s box.

Day 1/3 of my Itinerary in Rome: Ancient SplendorImage by derich on Freepik

P.S.: You need to buy your tickets ahead of time; you can’t just show up and get it at the entrance. If the tour is full on your travel dates, a good idea can be to join a guided tour instead. You’ll pay a bit extra money, but at least you’ll get in. Also, the activity could take 2 to 3 hours, you should check when it starts for each available day.


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Next on our tour was the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The first is an extensive ancient site that once served as the heart of the Roman Empire. Walking amidst the ruins took me back in time, and I imagined the political debates, parades, and markets that once brought this place to life. In the northwest corner, the Temple of Saturn has stood as a silent witness to centuries of history.


First things first, we have to say that we could easily stay connected during our journey using an eSIM from Yoho Mobile. I began using it when I arrived, and it worked well in general. As they suggested on their website, I set it up on my phone the day before I left. I used this Yoho Mobile Italy eSIM, and for calling my family and friends, I switched back to my regular T-Mobile SIM card. I have to admit that it took me a little bit to set up, but the support team was really helpful, considering that I’m not familiar with Android settings. After I got help, it worked smoothly and we had a good network signal in Rome and in other smaller towns.


In the afternoon, I walked around the lovely streets of Trastevere, enjoying the local vibe. Narrow alleys, lined with colorful buildings and flowers, led me to a hidden piazza where I had an authentic Italian culinary experience at Nannarella. We had bruschetta, carbonara, lasagna and hot focaccia, all amazing! Simply put, the food was fantastic, fair-priced, and portions were plenty. The staff was friendly and attentive even though it was quite busy that day. Just one thing: come early because the line doesn’t stop.


Day 2/3 of my Itinerary in Rome: Artistic Wonders and Majesty

On the second day, I explored Rome’s artistic and spiritual wonders. My first stop was the Vatican City, where St Peter’s Basilica and the Museums awaited. The sheer opulence of St Peter’s Square, surrounded by impressive columns, is matched by its equally impressive inside.

On the second day, I explored Rome's artistic and spiritual wonders.Image by wirestock on Freepik

Likewise, I strongly suggest getting a guided tour to get the best experience and fully appreciate the vast collection at the Museums. Or else you might feel stressed with lots of paths and galleries to explore. Just like that, we booked tickets to go inside. Otherwise, I would have spent too much time waiting in line and not enjoyed it as much. So, I suggest you do it too, it’s easy and online! Though you can enter the Vatican for free, to get inside the museums and basilicas you need tickets.

In the Vatican Museums, I saw lots of amazing art, from classical sculptures to Renaisance masterpieces. We started our tour at the Tapestry Gallery, went through the beautiful Gallery of Geographical Maps and the Borgia Apartments, and reached the marvelous Raphael’s Rooms. The highlight was the famous painting “School of Athens.” And the cherry on top of the tour was the Sistine Chapel, where Michellangelo’s ceiling frescoes left me in awe. The details and vibrant colors seemed to come alive, making me feel like I was in a place where art and spirituality meet.


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After a relaxed lunch at Caffè delle Commari, I left the Holy City and went to check out the Pantheon across the Tiber. This incredible structure from ancient Rome, known for its dome and oculus, highlighted Rome’s great building abilities. For me, the calm inside, lit by natural light, offered a peaceful break from the busy streets outside.

Day 2/3 of my Itinerary in Rome: Artistic Wonders and Majesty


Day 3 of my Itinerary in Rome: Rome’s Romantic and Hidden Gems

On my last day in Rome, I wanted to find the romantic spots and discover hidden gems in the city. I started my day at the Spanish Steps, where the Barcaccia Fountain and Trinità dei Monti church made a pretty scene. I was captivated by the impressive Fontana di Trevi nearby, adorned with mythological sculptures.

On my 3rd of my Itinerary in Rome, I wanted to find the romantic spots and discover hidden gems in the city.

Wandering through the streets, I found the Turtle Fountain in Piazza Mattei. The sight of turtles and water nymphs in this quiet square was a lovely escape from the crowds.

When the sun set, I headed to the Gianicolo Hill for a great 360 view of the city. The stunning view of the lit dome in the distance was the perfect ending to my Roman adventure.


Final Thoughts On My 3-Day Itinerary in Rome

My quick and exciting trip to Rome was superb! I loved how Rome seamlessly blends ancient history, artistic brilliance, and romantic charm. Every corner had a story, and each step revealed a new part of its rich history. The best about it was that I could share every special moment with my friends and family using Yoho Mobile Italy eSIM.

In essence, Rome stole my heart, gifting me with beautiful memories and a desire to go back, but thanks to Yoho Mobile, I carried a visual chronicle of the experience through photos and videos

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